Monthly Archives: 2006/11

[2006/11/29]: Cassie Showcase: MTV Heatwave

[2006/11/28]: The Soul Searcher Will Be On “The Soul Music”(NHK-FM) Thursday (30th)

[2006/11/27]: At SOS Band Live: Good Memory Connect Us Again

[2006/11/26]: Maru: Her First Headliner Show At Alfie

[2006/11/25]: SOS Band: The Sound Of Success Said To The Audience, “You Are The Finest!”

[2006/11/24]: James Fujiki Congratulates To 9th Anniversary Of Street Cafe

[2006/11/23]: Musical Rent: 

[2006/11/22]: Eric Clapton Live At Budokan: Sit Down Please, Everybody

[2006/11/21]: R&B Singer Ruth Brown Dies At 78

[2006/11/20]: More Sam Moore; Complete Setlist Take You Back The Great Moments

[2006/11/19]: Sam Moore Talks: I Am Proud Of You, I Love You

[2006/11/18]: Sam Moore With Surprising Finale: Sam, You Are So Beautiful

[2006/11/17]: Philip Woo At Midas: Philip’s Hands Are Midas Touch For Funk

[2006/11/16]: AI Tour Begins: The Best Is Yet To Come

[2006/11/15]: We Want More Moore, Not Some Moore

[2006/11/14]: Soul DJ Event “Mellow Ridaz” Will Be Held On December 27th

[2006/11/13]: Gerald Levert, Forever:

[2006/11/12]: Gerald Levert Dies Of Heart Attack At 40

[2006/11/11]: (速 )Gerald Levert Dies Of Heart Attack

[]: Gladys Knight’s New Album Is Collection Of Standard Songs

[2006/11/10]: The World Of Linda Creed: Portrays The Blackness

[2006/11/09]: Top 15 Linda Creed Songs Selected By The Soul Searcher

[2006/11/08]: Linda Creed: Great Lyricist

[2006/11/07]: Keyboard Wizard Meets Vibraphone Master: Philip & Roy

[2006/11/06]: Philip Woo And Roy Ayers Live: After 28 Years…

[2006/11/05]: Soul Searchin Will Support “Tokyo Soul Show”

[2006/11/04]: Soul Searchin Presents: The Great Diva Gray Show Will Be Kick Off 2007

[2006/11/03]: Movie “Block Party” Will Be In Theater On Nov 11th

[2006/11/02]: Emotions Live At Cotton Club

[2006/11/01]: Soul Talking About Aaron Neville’s Album