Monthly Archives: 2007/01

[2007/01/30]: Fukamachi Jun’s Every Songs Are Different: Turns Every Songs Are Same

[2007/01/29]: “Soul Blends” Goes To La fete Tama

[2007/01/28]: Cha Cha House Will Be Closing In March

[2007/01/27]: Aretha Has So Many Songs:

[2007/01/26]: “Personal” Is The Key: Radio And Web

[2007/01/25]: 79th Academy Nomination Announced

[2007/01/24]: Delfonics Blow My Mind:

[2007/01/23]: Brenda Vaughn Will Be Honored “Living Legend” Award

[2007/01/22]: “Soul Searchin: The Session Vol.2 ~ A Tribute To Aretha Franklin” Will Be Held On March 26th

[2007/01/21]: Pookie Hudson, Lead Singer Of Spaniels, Dies At 72: Goodnight Pookie, Goodnight

[2007/01/20]: A Toast To Soul Coffee: Real Thing Is Here To Stay

[2007/01/19]: Con Funk Shun: Came To Japan 8 Times

[2007/01/18]: Nardis Show Case: Ben Sidran’s Label Distributed By Newly Formed Cotton Club Label

[2007/01/17]: The Roots Live: The Roots Theory Of Continuous Groove

[2007/01/16]: Michael Brecker Dies At 57

[2007/01/15]: Luther Ichimura: 1 Octave Down

[2007/01/14]: Con Funk Shun: California 1 Is Number 1

[2007/01/13]: After The Diva Gray Show…

[2007/01/12]: John Legend Live: Songwriters Showcase

[2007/01/11]: Con Funk Shun Live:Band Is So Tight

[2007/01/10]: It Was Diva Great Show: Every Songs Are Her Song

[2007/01/09]: Satisfaction Guarantee: The Great Diva Gray Show With Lots Of Diversity

[]: Soul Searchin Presents: Tokyo Soul Show Vol.1 ~ The Great Diva Gray Show

[2007/01/08]: Diva Gray Might Be Talking A Lot On “The Great Diva Gray Show”:Anticipation Of Revealing Episode

[2007/01/07]: Sad Foreboding: Incomplete Version

[2007/01/06]: We’ll Take You To Paradise: Diva Gray Live

[2007/01/05]: Best Of Soul Searchin Diary, 2006: Part4

[2007/01/04]: Best Of Soul Searchin Diary, 2006: Part3

[2007/01/03]: Best Of Soul Searchin Diary, 2006: Part 2

[2007/01/02]: Best Of Soul Searchin Diary, 2006: Part 1

[2007/01/01]: Happy New Year; 2007