Monthly Archives: 2004/11

[2004/11/29]: The Legend Of Motown: Live At The Apollo Theater 1985

[2004/11/28]: DVD “Standing In The Shadows Of Motown” On “Soul Blends”: The Brothers Are Family

[2004/11/27]: Gumbo’s Ear Vol.8:

[2004/11/26]: Luther: It’s Hard To Pass A Barrier

[2004/11/25]: Lenny Mays Of Dramatics Died At 53

[2004/11/24]: GATS Soul Live At Motion Blue

[2004/11/23]: FOH Turns Full Of Harmony : Run Full Speed Ahead

[2004/11/22]: Watch Out For Daichi: Miura Daichi Live At O-West

[2004/11/21]: Joss Stone Showcase Live At Club Quatro

[2004/11/20]: Brother Ray: Leaving Tampa For Seatle

[2004/11/19]: Night I Saw Donny Hathaway At Yotsuya

[2004/11/18]: Spirit Of The Boogie Live At Blues Alley

[2004/11/17]: Self-Contained Group:

[2004/11/16]: Night of Funk ‘N Sho’chu Is Just Beginning

[2004/11/15]: Kermit The Frog Steal The Show: Til Bronner Live

[2004/11/14]: Brother Ray (Japanese Translation Version) Will Be Published In January Tied With Movie “Ray”

[2004/11/13]: Ray Include Songs From “Live In Japan”

[2004/11/12]: Ray: This Could Be Jamie Foxx’s Career Movie

[2004/11/11]: Babyface; Just Another One Night Gig: You Owe Me One, ‘Face

[2004/11/10]: Toku Live At Alfie: Only Two Men On The Stage

[2004/11/09]: Ciara & “Crunk & B”: That’s New Sound From Atlanta

[2004/11/08]: Bennie K: Will “Synchronicity” Synchronize With A Time?

[2004/11/07]: Only The Strong Survive: Some Questions & Answers

[2004/11/06]: Rod Stewart:  Will He Win His First Grammy Ever With His Latest Album?

[2004/11/05]: Song Of Heart, Gag Of Soul: Comedian/Musician Poca Ska Jan Will Show Their Performer’s Soul

[2004/11/04]: Chain Of Funk Gang: From Soysoul To Their Friends, One After Another

[2004/11/03]: Studying Miles

[2004/11/02]: Sir Duke Of George Plays Clinton Of George

[2004/11/01]: Fertile Ground Talk: Fragrance Was Still There After They Left