Monthly Archives: 2007/05

[2007/05/30]: Jino Hino Kenji Live At Cotton

[2007/05/29]: The Real Group: A Cappella Group From Sweden

[2007/05/28]: So Many Raged People These Days

[2007/05/27]: Fukamachi Jun #77 The Final At Art Cafe

[2007/05/26]: Hiram Bullock : Plays Stevie Songs

[2007/05/25]: Glenn Jones: We Want More Your Music

[2007/05/24]: Philip Woo’s Billy Preston Tribute Again; Jino’s Funky Gig Will Be On Next Week

[2007/05/23]: Philip & Hank, Yuri Kamino : Mind To Mind Communication

[2007/05/22]: Naturally 7: Magnificent 7′s Vocal Play

[2007/05/21]: A Tribute To Don Katsumoto: At Danceteria

[2007/05/20]: Kishita Kohshi Live At OAZO

[2007/05/19]: Lakeside : Is Party Gonna Last Till Dawn?  Fantastic Voyage To The Land Of Funk

[2007/05/18]: Nate James Live At Shibuya Duo

[2007/05/17]: Shanti Live @ Blues Alley ; Music & Shanti Will Be As One

[2007/05/16]: James Brown’s 10 Paper Sleeve CDs Will Be Released July

[2007/05/15]: Maru Live; Takeo & Mana Live

[2007/05/14]: David T. Walker: “Live Audience Temperature”

[2007/05/13]: The Night Of David T. Continues:

[2007/05/12]: David T’s Fingers Are So Sexy: DVD Shooting Will Be Held On Saturday

[2007/05/11]: David T Walker Live: Real T Sings, Crying, And Talks

[2007/05/10]: Gats Live: Mr. Bassman Will Be Break This Year

[2007/05/09]: Takegami Yoshinari Rose Jam Live

[2007/05/08]: Soul Searchin Project Will Have Spin Off Projects

[2007/05/07]: Why “Family Stone”? : Are There Black Hippies?

[2007/05/06]: Big Clean Up (Part 2)

[2007/05/05]: Back In 1968: When LP Records Were New

[2007/05/04]: Sly & Family Stone’s Paper Sleeve Jackets CD Released

[2007/05/03]: Big Clean Up: On Golden Week

[2007/05/02]: Hatakeyama You & Endo Issey: A Tribute To James Brown

[2007/05/01]: Gats, Maru, Shanti & Philip, Each Will Do Gig