Monthly Archives: 2006/04

[2006/04/29]: Lady Kim Live At B-Flat; Back Where You Belong

[2006/04/28]: Ahmad Jamal Live: Wordless Storyteller Tells Imaginable Story

[2006/04/27]: ”I Believe To My Soul”(Part 2): Joe Henry’s Story 

[2006/04/26]: ”I Believe To My Soul”(Part 1): The Greatest Album Of 2006 

[2006/04/25]: Atlantic Starr Live; They Always Play “Always” As Encore

[2006/04/24]: J-Funk All Stars: Will Be One Nation Under A Groove, Someday

[2006/04/23]: Tokyo Kalimba Story: The Sound Of African-Japanese

[2006/04/22]: Marva Whitney, Another James Brown Diva, Will Be Coming To Japan For The First Time

[2006/04/21]: Gosperats Made Debut: They’ve Only Just Begun

[2006/04/20]: Soul Nuts: DJ Keiko And Michael’s Wedding Party

[2006/04/19]: Soul Searchin: The Session Vol.1 ~ A Tribute To Luther Vandross

[2006/04/18]: Craig David Live At Zepp

[2006/04/17]: The Funk Brothers: Larry Johnson Story

[2006/04/16]: The Funk Brothers Again: Standing In The Light Of Motown

[2006/04/15]: Leela James: Goddaughter Of Soul Is Here To Stay

[2006/04/14]: June Pointer Dies At 52

[2006/04/13]: Victor Davis Live At Motion Blue

[2006/04/12]: Nile Rodgers & Chic Live: One Small Step For A Man…

[2006/04/11]: The Funk Brothers Live: Don’t Forget To Bring Lyrics Of “My Girl”

[2006/04/10]: Glynis “Bone” Martin & Argie Phine Live

[2006/04/09]: Kanye West Live

[2006/04/08]: Nate James Live: Animal Trail From Duo To Gonpachi

[2006/04/07]: Dave Koz & Kirk Whalum Live

[2006/04/06]: Kurosawa Kaoru Live “Love Unlimited”

[2006/04/05]: Soul Searchin Talking Vol.5 (Part 4)

[2006/04/04]: Soul Searchin Talking Vol.5 (Part 3)

[2006/04/03]: Soul Searchin Talking Vol.5 (Part 2)

[2006/04/02]: Soul Searchin Talking Vol.5 (Part 1)

[2006/04/01]: Soul Searchin’ Talking Vol.5 Will Be The Biggest Ever