Monthly Archives: 2006/02

[2006/02/27]: Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Live: The Legacy Still Continues

[2006/02/26]: Fukamachi Jun #62: Art Cafe Goes To Africa

[2006/02/25]: Funk Brothers Will Be Coming To Japan

[2006/02/24]: Tower Of Power Live: It’s Soooo Hot Downstairs, Upstairs, Too

[2006/02/23]: Superbowl 2006: Premier Show

[2006/02/22]: Jeffrey Osborne Live At Cotton Club

[2006/02/21]: TOKU: Birthday Live At Body & Soul

[2006/02/20]: Washington’s Own “Go Go Sound” Still Alive & Kicking

[2006/02/19]: A Campaign To Collect Signatures For PSE Bill

[2006/02/18]: Three Degrees Live At Kentos:

[2006/02/17]: AI Show Case: Reveals New Single & New Plan

[2006/02/16]: Endoh Issei Live: He’s Been Singing Soul Music For More Than Quarter Century

[2006/02/15]: Sean Paul Live: Jump, Jump!

[2006/02/14]: Prince New Album “3121” Listening Session For Media

[2006/02/13]: Philip & Hank With Brenda Vaughn Live: Real Music By Real Musicians

[2006/02/12]: Torino 2006: Opening Ceremony, Filled With Music Of All Time Dance Classics

[2006/02/11]: Norman Brown & Peabo Bryson Live

[2006/02/10]: 48th Grammy Roundup: 


[]: Mugen Night: Heart Of Soul & Funk~Phillip & Hank With Brenda Vaughn

[2006/02/08]: Soul Searchin Talking Vol.5 Will Be Held On April 1st

[2006/02/07]: Miura Daichi: Rock The House

[2006/02/06]: Jay & Silky Live At Blues Alley: The Night Of Ecstasies

[2006/02/05]: Rihanna Live: Screamin’ For 17 Year Old Newcomer

[2006/02/04]: Lalah Hathaway: Some Songs Were Too Long

[2006/02/03]: Kishita Kohshi New Album Release Live

[2006/02/02]: 48th Grammy Prediction: Winners Will Be…(Part 2)

[2006/02/01]: 48th Grammy Prediction: Winners Will Be…(Part 1)