Monthly Archives: 2005/12

[2005/12/30]: Kohshi: Video Shooting Session

[2005/12/29]: DJ Spinna(Part 2): Record Maniac

[2005/12/28]: DJ Spinna(Part 1): The Future Of DJ

[2005/12/27]: John Tropea Band With Kenya Hathaway:

[2005/12/26]: Number 60 Is The Year Calender Is Back To

[2005/12/25]: Soul Music Live Vol.5 (Part 2)

[2005/12/24]: NHK “Soul Music Live, Vol.5″ (Part 1)

[2005/12/23]: Watch Out For Anthony Hamilton’s New Album

[2005/12/22]: Disco, Disco, Disco…Hotel Ballroom Turned To Disco

[2005/12/21]: So Many Live Shows, So Little Time

[2005/12/20]: Kaleb James Will Do Live To Promote New CD

[2005/12/19]: Harold Melvin & Blue Notes Japan Tour 2006:

[2005/12/18]: James Brown Will Be Coming To Japan February

[2005/12/17]: J.T.Taylor Live: I Saw Your Memories Through Your Face

[2005/12/16]: McCoy Tyner Trio: New Scratches On Board Of Piano

[2005/12/15]: Prince Signed With Universal; New Album Will Be Released In Early 2006

[2005/12/14]: Diane Schuur Live: Forgot The Word Of “Over The Rainbow”

[2005/12/13]: Platters Live: Homeworks To Be Done

[2005/12/12]: 48th GRAMMY Nominees Announced

[2005/12/11]: Earth Wind & Fire: Special Programme

[2005/12/10]: Otis Redding’s Memorial:

[2005/12/09]: Very Interesting Facts: Between Lincoln & Kennedy…

[2005/12/08]: The Moment John Lennon Passed Me By My Side

[2005/12/07]: Heart Of Gold: 100 Years Of Solitude

[2005/12/06]: Midnight Love #21 Was Recorded But…

[2005/12/05]: Ben E King’s “Stand By Me” Brings Happiness To Everybody

[2005/12/04]: Brazilian Rhyme: Covered By Some Artists

[2005/12/03]: Franklins At Franklin Avenue: Piano Stays Her Home

[2005/12/02]: Skullbones: New Soul Band

[2005/12/01]: Movie “Four Brothers”; Full Of Motown Sound