Monthly Archives: 2005/08

[2005/08/30]: Kishita Kohshi At “Soul Blends”: Blind Ain’t Nothing, But A Word.

[2005/08/29]: Fukamachi Jun Live: 8th Wonder Of The World

[2005/08/28]: Sonny Rollins Additional Live Concert

[2005/08/27]: New Ponta Box Live

[2005/08/26]: Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song & “Baadasssss!”

[2005/08/25]: Kishita Kohshi Live At Duo: Power To The Listener

[2005/08/24]: Soul Bar Searchin’ : Bar “Ali Ollie” 

[2005/08/23]: Tokyo Jazz 2005: Herbie Is Real Control Tower

[2005/08/22]: After Kohshi’s Rehearsal Is Over, Soul Food Is Waiting

[2005/08/21]: George’s Re-Opened In Nishi-Azabu

[2005/08/20]: Trying To Digging The Failure Story In Successful Person

[2005/08/19]: Surprise, Surprise: The New Sound Quartet(NSQ) Live

[2005/08/18]: The Glenn Miller Story

[2005/08/17]: Musical “Stomp”: Hitting Everything And Became Hit Worldwide

[2005/08/16]: Nile Rodgers & Chic: DVD

[2005/08/15]: Strange Avocado & Shrimp Burger

[2005/08/14]: EWF’s New Album Will Be Out On September 21

[2005/08/13]: Stevie Declared New Album’s Release Date At The Apollo

[2005/08/12]: A Friend Of 25 Years Ago Sent Me Email For The First Time

[2005/08/11]: Luther Tribute Will Be Out On September 20

[2005/08/10]: Little Milton Dies At 70

[2005/08/09]: 5 Request Songs Were Too Much?

[2005/08/08]: Rude Phone Caller Never Disclose Their Sources

[2005/08/07]: Soysoul Live At Blues Alley: Hottest Funk Band On A Hottest Day Of This Summer

[2005/08/06]: Soul Survivors Still Survive:

[2005/08/05]: Neumann U-87: It’s Kei’s Mike

[2005/08/04]: Private Lounge For Executives Only

[2005/08/03]: Dexter Redding Talks

[2005/08/02]: Mellow Ridaz Vol.2:  Why Dexter Redding Is In Japan?

[2005/08/01]: Mellow Ridaz Vol.2