Monthly Archives: 2005/05

[2005/05/31]: Admachikku Tengoku: Gotanda On My Mind

[2005/05/30]: Movie “Sengoku Jieitai 1549″

[2005/05/29]: Why Do Machines Break Easily Lately?

[2005/05/28]: Give Me A Break: After The Party…

[2005/05/27]: Soul Blends First Club Event At Xross

[2005/05/26]: Watching DVD “Ray” By Great Sound/Visual System

[2005/05/25]: K-Ci & Jojo: Ain’t No Stoppin’ Them Now

[2005/05/24]: KCi & Jojo Live: Hot & Sweat & Explosion

[2005/05/23]: Senju Akira Talks (Part 2): Baton Was Passed On To Son

[2005/05/22]: Senju Akira Talks (Part 1): Native Speaker Of Music

[2005/05/21]: Hitch: Lean On Consultant

[2005/05/20]: Soul Searchin Talking Vol.4: Bring Back Tons Of Soul Home

[2005/05/19]: Soul Searchin Talking Vol.4

[2005/05/18]: Norah Jones Sings “Wild Horses”

[2005/05/17]: Share The Love: Declares Dee Dee Bridgewater

[2005/05/16]: Stevie Has New Baby Boy On His Own Birthday

[2005/05/15]: Chat With “S” & “H”; After TKY Live

[2005/05/14]: TKY Live At Shibuya Quatro: A Vague Outline Become Firm Style

[2005/05/13]: Prediction For Songs Order On “A Time To Love”

[2005/05/12]: Stevie Wonder Update: Baby Coming Soon, How About Album?

[2005/05/11]: Booklet For Martin’s Tour

[2005/05/10]: Circle Of Conversation: Between KC & Osshy

[2005/05/09]: John Legend: New Preacher Of Soul Focused On Passage Of Soul

[2005/05/08]: After The Rain: Ai & John Legend Sing

[2005/05/07]: Superfly On “Midnight Love”

[2005/05/06]: The Soul Of Hamburger: 7025 Franklin Avenue

[2005/05/05]: Prince Talk Event Will Be Held In June 22nd

[2005/05/04]: The Last Chapter Of Life: Jimmy Scott Live

[2005/05/03]: Soul Blends 4th Anniversary Event At Club Xross

[2005/05/02]: East Meets West At East: Kin Agun Plays China Yang Quin

[2005/05/01]: Ota Ken Live At Motion Blue