Monthly Archives: 2007/11

[2007/11/29]: It’s The Temptations Week (Part 4) : Ali Ollie At Ali Ollie & Miracle

[2007/11/28]: It’s The Temptations’ Week (Part 3) : Treat Them Like A Legend

[2007/11/27]: It’s The Temptations’ Week With The Temptation Walk (Part 2)

[2007/11/26]: It’s The Temptations’ Week With The Temptation Walk (Part 1)

[2007/11/25]: Fukamachi Jun #83: The Beauty Of Music Is That Music Has No Meaning

[2007/11/24]: Kirk Whalum & John Stoddart Live

[2007/11/23]: Shanti Will Be At Cotton Club, Brenda Will Sing With Full Orchestra

[2007/11/22]: Temptations Review Featuring Dennis Edwards: Who Will Sing What…

[2007/11/21]: Blues Alley Players Night Vol.7

[2007/11/20]: Nick Okai’s Funeral Day Two: Someone Should Record These Culture

[2007/11/19]: Nick Okai’s Funeral Day One: His Memorial Song “My Girl” Was Played…

[2007/11/18]: Today’s “Soul Blends” Will Tribute To Nick Okai

[2007/11/17]: Yokohama’s Number 1 Soul Bar “Sugar Shack” Will Be Closed After 17 Years

[2007/11/16]: The Appreciation Of Philadelphia Museum Of Art With Mr. Oka

[2007/11/15]: Ledisi Tokyo Live

[2007/11/14]: Dazz Band : They Love Party, We Love Party,

[2007/11/13]: Nick Okai’s Funeral

[]: Nick Okai Tribute: “My Girl” Is A Song Made His Life Change

[2007/11/12]: Nick Okai Dies At 60

[2007/11/11]: Jamie Aaron Kelley: The Legacy Of Elvis Is Here To Stay

[2007/11/10]: Philip Woo With Maxyan: Philip Dedicates Show To His Father

[2007/11/09]: Jamie Aaron Kelley Share Same Birthday With…

[2007/11/08]: Maru First Full Show At Blues Alley: With Surprise Guest

[2007/11/07]: Takayama Hiroshi @ Martano : He Made “Away” Home

[2007/11/06]: Amerie Live @ Billboard Live

[2007/11/05]: More Soul Searcher Related Live Will Follow

[2007/11/04]: Kishita Kohshi Documentary Movie Will Be Released November 17th

[2007/11/03]: More Sam Moore: A Night Of Soul Explosion (Part 2)

[2007/11/02]: Everybody Loves Sam Moore: A Night Of Soul Explosion (Part 1)

[2007/11/01]: Shanti With Two Guitarists: Studied A Lot