Monthly Archives: 2007/10

[2007/10/30]: Keith Sweat Live At Billboard: Great Singer Sings Only Sex & Soul

[2007/10/29]: Fukamachi Jun First Concert At Suntory Hall, Blue Rose (Part 2)

[2007/10/28]: Fukamachi Jun First Concert At Suntory Hall, Blue Rose(Part 1)

[2007/10/27]: Today: Fukamachi Jun Improvisation Live and Other Soul Searcher Activity…

[2007/10/26]: Jino Is Always Funky: He Always Give Space For The Musicians

[2007/10/25]: Roy Ayers / Bilal Live At Billboard

[2007/10/24]: Yoshioka Kohji Exhibition: “My Journey Of Color”

[2007/10/23]: Ebony Faye Live: Friendly And Cozy Night

[2007/10/22]: Philippe Saisse Trio With Itoh Takeshi

[2007/10/21]: Fukamachi Jun Keyboard Party #82: He Will Play At Suntory Hall,Next Saturday

[2007/10/20]: 活気

[]: Kacky’s Is The Name Of “Retro Music Bar”

[2007/10/19]: Mimi Uranai: One / Only Ear-Mancy

[2007/10/18]: Carl Thomas’s New Album And His Coming Japan Tour…

[2007/10/17]: Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, Jack De Johnette : The Quartet: Very Special One Time Performance

[2007/10/16]: Babyface Sings Tons Of Hits At Billboard Live: Another Human Jukebox

[2007/10/15]: Nakata Hidetoshi Talks

[2007/10/14]: Jennifer Batten Showcase

[2007/10/13]: “Big Band Beat” With Matsushita Nao

[2007/10/12]: Brenda Vaughn: Living On Purpose

[2007/10/11]: Movie “La Vie En Rose”

[2007/10/10]: Philadelphia Museum of Art Exhibition Begins Today

[2007/10/09]: 4th Gold Concert @ Kokusai Forum Hall C

[2007/10/08]: After The Philly Soul Night (Part 3): Old Lady Asked “For 3?”

[2007/10/07]: Philly Soul Night Live At Ginza (Part 2): Behind The Scene

[2007/10/06]: Philly Soul Night: So Many, So Many People Came

[2007/10/05]: Philly Soul Night: Today At 5 Pm, Ginza

[2007/10/04]: Oggi The 15th Anniversary Music On TV “The Basics”

[2007/10/03]: “Rehab” Again: Amy Wants To Learn From Mr. Hathaway

[2007/10/02]: Philip Woo Live At Blues Alley

[2007/10/01]: Takayama Hiroshi Will Be At Martano November 6th