Monthly Archives: 2006/08

[2006/08/30]: K-Ci Hailey On “Soul Blends”

[2006/08/29]: Kiki Live: Deep Impact Since Aretha Franklin

[2006/08/28]: Takayam Hiroshi One Man Play: Portrays All Things In The Universe

[2006/08/27]: 1025 Gospel Choir Live: Audience & Singers Become As One

[2006/08/26]: Jino’s Band At Kokusai Forum Square

[2006/08/25]: Shaggy Live: Do You Feel The Heat Of Reggae?

[2006/08/24]: Gap Charity Live: Setlist

[2006/08/23]: Sam Moore’s First Solo Album In 34 Years

[2006/08/22]: Sweetbox Live: Addicted To “Addicted”

[2006/08/21]: Japanese New Soul Diva; maru’s Live: Band Members Share The Same Image

[2006/08/20]: Philip Woo & Shanti At Cotton Club: From Ashanti To Shanti

[2006/08/19]: Gap Charity Live:

[2006/08/18]: Hino Terumasa Talks: Hino Legend Is Here To Stay

[2006/08/17]: Looking For An Echo: A Street Musician Under A Girder Bridge

[2006/08/16]: Silly Love Letters: Postcards Of Summer of 87 (Part 2 of 2 Parts)

[2006/08/15]: Silly Love Letters: Postcards Of Summer of 87 (Part 1 of 2 Parts)

[2006/08/14]: Ladysmith Black Manbazo Live

[2006/08/13]: What Is Like World Of Darkness

[2006/08/12]: Kishita Kohshi Live: Audience shouted “All” For Encore

[2006/08/11]: Sheila E’s New Band: C.O.E.D Debut

[2006/08/10]: “Planet Earth”: The Great Documentary Programme

[2006/08/09]: DJ Osshy Setlist After Long Deliberation

[2006/08/08]: Kishita Kohshi On “Toku Dane”

[2006/08/07]: Groovy Performance For Groovy People: Kubota Toshinobu Live

[2006/08/06]: Dana Hanchard Live

[2006/08/05]: Club Chic 2006 @ Grand Hyatt

[2006/08/04]: Announcements: Kaleb’s Phate At Yokosuka Base, Kishita On “Tokudane”

[2006/08/03]: Tonight Is Ty Night: Philip Woo & New York All Stars Final

[2006/08/02]: Masters Of Groove Live

[2006/08/01]: Soul Power Tokyo Summit 2006: A Leader Said “Thank You” To Another Leader