Monthly Archives: 2006/06

[2006/06/29]: The Fugitive: One Of My Favorite TV Series

[2006/06/28]: Arif Mardin Dies At 74: The Great Producer.

[2006/06/27]: Claydes “Charles” Smith Of Kool & The Gang Dies At 57

[2006/06/26]: Kani Rica’s “How To Write Blog Tasty” Class Will Begin July

[2006/06/25]: “Soul Searchin: The Session” Has Diva Gray Segment

[2006/06/24]: Mint Condition Live: Gold Dust Pouring On Them

[2006/06/23]: Akita Shinji Live: Steve Sacks Has Nice Punch Line

[2006/06/22]: Phate Live At Thumbs Up: Love Them or Like Them?

[2006/06/21]: Glynis & Friends: Live At Cotton Club

[2006/06/20]: A Letter From A Reader: OA Bring Him To Soul Searchin

[2006/06/19]: 2006 World Cup: Dream Simulation

[2006/06/18]: Fukamachi Jun Live #66: Mission: Impossible

[2006/06/17]: Stacie Orrico Showcase Live; After Two Years Of Soul Searchin’

[2006/06/16]: Tom & Luther Duo Live: Super Bass Voice Becomes Super High Voice

[2006/06/15]: Japanese Bassist Aoki Tomohito Dies At 49

[2006/06/14]: Stevie Wonder’s Mother Died

[2006/06/13]: Joe Sample’s New Album Featuring Randy Crawford

[2006/06/12]: Real Blood Live: Luther Talks About Voice Artists

[2006/06/11]: Teacher’s Summit At The Event

[2006/06/10]: Ne-Yo Was On Stage For Only 34 Minutes

[2006/06/09]: Marva Whitney: It’s Her Thing, Waiting For The Day For 30+ Years

[2006/06/08]: Billy Preston Dies At 59: Piano Man On Rooftop

[2006/06/07]: Billy Preston Dies At 59 (News Bullettin)

[]: Soul Bar Column On “Brio” Will End July

[2006/06/06]: Soysoul Live & Philip Woo Announces His Live Info In Japanese