Monthly Archives: 2005/07

[2005/07/30]: Soulive Live At Blitz Yokohama

[2005/07/29]: Harlem Nights: Omar Edwards, Barefoot Tap Dancer

[2005/07/28]: Syncopation: What They Need Now Is…

[2005/07/27]: Eric Benet Will Be Coming To Japan On September

[2005/07/26]: Marvin & Chisato Are Featuring On Non Chords’ New Album

[2005/07/25]: Tribute To Eugene Record Of Chi-Lites

[2005/07/24]: Eugene Record Of Chi-Lites Dies At 64

[2005/07/23]: Phate: New Acts of R&A, Stands For Rhythm & Alternative

[2005/07/22]: K.D.Brosia: Wants To Be A J-Neo Soul Singer

[2005/07/21]: Hugh Masekela: Signed Autograph On His Autobiography

[2005/07/20]: Some Are Omitted, Some Are Added To The Final Setlist

[2005/07/19]: Franklins Live At Franklin Avenue

[2005/07/18]: False Ending For Party

[2005/07/17]: Party For Real People: Franklins Jazz & Burger Vol.1

[2005/07/16]: Shirley Goodman Dies At 69

[2005/07/15]: Nothing Happened As Scheduled

[2005/07/14]: Don & Roland; Two Cool DJs On FEN

[2005/07/13]: TKY With Kamayatsu Live At JT Hall

[2005/07/12]: Gats Live With The Funkiest Band In Tokyo

[2005/07/11]: Franklins’ Jazz & Burger Vol.1 ~ ”Summer Breeze” Night

[2005/07/10]: Luther’s Funeral Was Celebration

[2005/07/09]: Ray Davis Of Parliament/Funkadelic Dies At 65

[2005/07/08]: Two Fresh Ideas To Sell New Acts: Give Him New Stage Name Kyle “Champagne” (Riabko)

[2005/07/07]: Mugen: The Legendary Disco

[2005/07/06]: Luther Vandross Talks In Brooklyn Accent

[2005/07/05]: Luther Tribute Continues: Luther’s Room Is Not A Home

[2005/07/04]: Renaldo ‘Obie’ Benson, of Four Tops, Dies at 69

[2005/07/03]: Luther Vandross Died At 54: Reunited After 46 Years With His Father


[]: What’d I Write (Part 6): Just One Talent Goes A Long Way

[2005/07/01]: What’d I Write (Part 5): Everything Happens For A Reason