Monthly Archives: 2005/06

[2005/06/29]: What’d I Write (Part 3): The Moment Of Soul To Soul

[2005/06/28]: What’d I Write (Part 2): Soulful Joint On “What’d I Say”

[2005/06/27]: Soul Searchin’ Talking Vol.4; What’d I Write (Part 1)

[2005/06/26]: Soul Searchin’ Talking; Tonight At Blues Alley

[2005/06/25]: It Was A Long Day: 

[2005/06/24]: Luther Talks In Japanese, He Never Eats Meat

[2005/06/23]: Prince Talks In Japanese, Frank McComb Was Playing With Prince

[2005/06/22]: Great Unknown Song Discovered By Kaleb

[2005/06/21]: Eric Benet’s New Album “Hurricane” Portrays His Soul Searchin’ Story

[2005/06/20]: Countdown To Soul Searchin’ Talking

[2005/06/19]: Ronald Winans Of Winans Died At 48

[2005/06/18]: At “Midnight Hour”: Past The Midnight Hour

[2005/06/17]: Tonkuro: The Most Underrated Tonkatsu Restaurant

[2005/06/16]: Kimukatsu:  Millefeuille Of Tonkatsu

[2005/06/15]: Michael Jackson: Not Guilty On All Counts

[2005/06/14]: (速報)マイケル・ジャクソン、全罪状で無罪

[]: (速報)マイケル・ジャクソン評決、現地時間で夕方までに発表か

[]: Destiny’s Child Made Surprise Announcement

[2005/06/13]: Do So Band Live At Meguro Shokudou

[2005/06/12]: Star Dust Memories Is Nominated For Broadcasting Culture Award

[2005/06/11]: Ray In The Rain, Soul In The Rain

[2005/06/10]: First Anniversary Of Death Of Ray Charles

[2005/06/09]: Musical “We Will Rock You”

[2005/06/08]: Shoo Kusano Died At 74

[2005/06/07]: Mainichi Shinbun Started Interesting Feature Story

[2005/06/06]: Another “Ray” Event Will Be Held On June 10th

[2005/06/05]: Unknown Future Special Live At JZ Brat

[2005/06/04]: We’ll Talk About Songs After The Show

[2005/06/03]: Franklins’ Jazz & Burger Vol.1 ~ ”Summer Breeze” Night

[2005/06/02]: Soul Bar “Ohio” Moved To Jiyugaoka

[2005/06/01]: Ashanti Live