Monthly Archives: 2003/12

[2003/12/30]: Stevie’s Booklet Which Will Never Be Available

[2003/12/29]: Wonderful Stories On Soul Searchin’ Diary

[]: Stevie Wonder’s Set List (Day Two)

[]: Stevie Gave Love & Courage To Everybody

[2003/12/28]: Stevie Showed Us How To Build Up A Song From The Scratch With “Shame—So What The Fuss”

[2003/12/27]: Knack For Writing An Account Of A Person’s Travels

[2003/12/26]: Sex & Soul: Theme Of New Year Random Talk

[2003/12/25]: Once A Year, He’s On The Air

[2003/12/24]: Live & Direct For “Soul Music Special”

[2003/12/23]: From King To King

[2003/12/22]: Ohio Players’ “Happy Holidays” Proves One Nation Under A Groove

[2003/12/21]: Gospellers Live At Mark City

[2003/12/20]: The World Will Always Welcome “As Time Goes By”, As Time Goes By

[2003/12/19]: Synchronicity @ Shizuoka-Ya & Little Soul Cafe

[2003/12/18]: Album Exclusively For His Inamoratas, Now For Everybody

[2003/12/17]: Quiet Storm to Smooth Jazz

[2003/12/16]: WBLS: Sunday Classic, 20 Years Of History

[2003/12/15]: Christmas Song: This & That

[2003/12/14]: How To Enjoy Bluenote

[2003/12/13]: Sex & Soul: That’s What Joe Is

[2003/12/12]: I Can’t Stop: Al Green’s New Album Has Beauty Of Unchanged Soul

[2003/12/11]: Joe Sample: Abstract Subtraction

[2003/12/10]: Take 6 Junkie: World’s Number One Groups’ Number One Fan

[2003/12/09]: Otis Redding Story: Book Was Published

[2003/12/08]: Marlena Shaw: Storyteller Tells Her Own Story

[2003/12/07]: Mike # 9: That’s Al Green Used To Use

[2003/12/06]: 46th Grammy Nominations Dominated By R&B, Hip-Hop Acts

[2003/12/05]: Marlena Shaw: What A Wonderful Her World

[2003/12/04]: Roots Live At Bluenote

[2003/12/03]: アル・グリーン出演の番組のお知らせ(速報)

[]: Very “Slippery When Wet” At Tokyo Dome: t.A.T.u. Is Another Hype Star

[2003/12/02]: Master Of 88: Genius Or Mediator? Hiromi Uehara Connect (Part 2)

[2003/12/01]: Master Of 88: Sky’s The Limit For Hiromi Uehara (Part 1)