Monthly Archives: 2003/11

[2003/11/29]: Soul Searcher’s Nature: Scramble To Midnite Hour

[2003/11/28]: First Soul Searchin’ Talking Session: Thanks For Joing Us

[2003/11/27]: Songs In The Key Of Keys’ Life: Alicia Keys Has New Album

[2003/11/26]: If Stevie Would Be On “Team Of Red & White Performance Battle”

[2003/11/25]: Soul Searchin’ Talking Session Will Be Held On Thursday

[2003/11/24]: Eric Clapton’s Soul Searchin’

[2003/11/23]: Rice ‘n’ Ribs: Soul Bar In Kichijouji Area

[2003/11/22]: Lettuce & MeShell Ndegeocello Live

[2003/11/21]: I’d Rather: Another Great Song By Luther

[2003/11/20]: Chic Drummer Tony Thompson Dies At 48

[2003/11/19]: Arthur Conley Dies In The Rural Town In Netherlands

[2003/11/18]: Luther Vandross’ First Live Album Ever: Love Story For 75 Minutes Long

[2003/11/17]: Ms. Kani Rika: Water To Standing Board, Raindrops To Board Horizontal

[2003/11/16]: Take 6: We Are Talking About Take 6

[2003/11/15]: Matrix Revolutions: Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End

[2003/11/14]: How Would 8 Year-Old Boy See Manhattan Transfer?

[2003/11/13]: Mama Is Always On The Stage

[2003/11/12]: Welcome To Number One!

[2003/11/11]: Mis-teeq: I’ve Just Remember Member’s Name

[2003/11/10]: Party To Party: Street Cafe To Brown Sugar

[2003/11/09]: Soul Searchin’ Campagine

[2003/11/08]: Yamashita Yosuke’s Live: That’s His Format

[2003/11/07]: Anniversary Month Of Soul Bars

[2003/11/06]: Hiromi Uehara: Talent, Technique, Gutsiness & Little Bit Of Luck

[2003/11/05]: Soul Joint Will Held 2nd Anniversary Party

[2003/11/04]: Bobby Caldwell Would Support The Night For Tropical Rendezvous

[2003/11/03]: Dear Friend: Illustration Of Sampling Or Remix

[2003/11/02]: Moon River: Great Song, Great Story: Who Is Huckleberry Friend?

[2003/11/01]: Mr. Picaro Taro’s Exhibition Will Opens On Sunday