Monthly Archives: 2006/10

[2006/10/30]: No.1 Soul Show In Tokyo; James Fujiki & Tokyo Mowtown Show

[2006/10/29]: Alfonso Freeman, Son Of Morgan Freeman, Live

[2006/10/28]: Aaron Neville: New Album “Bring It On Home…The Soul Classics”

[2006/10/27]: Soul Talking With Mr. Luther

[2006/10/26]: Philip Woo Featuring Ebony Faye And Ishinari Masato

[2006/10/25]: The Great Diva Gray Show Will Be Announced Soon

[2006/10/24]: Ray Parker’s Raydio Show: Family Reunion

[2006/10/23]: Bar Kays: Integrity Of The Soul

[2006/10/22]: Kishita Kohshi Joined By Kurosawa Kaoru & Murakami Tetsuya To Sing “Ribbon In The Sky”

[2006/10/21]: Sam Moore Suddenly Will Coming To Japan

[2006/10/20]: Gats Live; Soulful Wonderer Gats

[2006/10/19]: Bar Kays: Funk Explosion!! Sooooo Dynamite!!

[2006/10/18]: Candy Dulfer Live: Another Average White Band

[2006/10/17]: Mariah Carey Live: Life Is Like A Rollercoaster

[2006/10/16]: Tequila! Tequila! Tequila! Shot! Shot! Shot! : Soysoul In One Gulp

[2006/10/15]: Luther Number 1 Ichimura’s Solo Live Will Be Held In January

[2006/10/14]: Queen Of Japanese Neo Soul Maru’s Live: How To Compensate For Loss Of Tokyo Soul Scene

[2006/10/13]: Amel Larrieux Live: Floating In The Air

[2006/10/12]: Diana Ross Has Two New Albums: They Are Like Twins (Part 2)

[2006/10/11]: Diana Ross Has Two New Albums: They Are Like Twins (Part 1)

[2006/10/10]: Dionne Is Whitney Houston’s Cousin

[2006/10/09]: Philip Reveals His First Encounter With Roy (Part 2)

[2006/10/08]: Philip Woo Will Be At Cotton Club With Roy Ayers: Reunion First In 28 Years : Philip Reveals His First Encounter With Roy (Part 1)

[2006/10/07]: Another “Average White Funk Band”; Breakestra, Funk Is The Thang

[2006/10/06]: 4th Consecutive Years Anniversary Of Soul Searchin’ Diary

[2006/10/05]: Amel, Bar Kays, Emotions Are Among The Acts Who Will Be In Town Soon

[2006/10/04]: How To Block Spam Post On BBS

[2006/10/03]: Autochanger Player Makes Flip Of Side 1 Into Side 4

[2006/10/02]: Philip Woo And Brenda Vaughn Rock The House

[2006/10/01]: Fukamachi Jun #69