Monthly Archives: 2006/09

[2006/09/29]: “Guess Who I Saw Today” Is Nancy Wilson’s Signature Song

[2006/09/28]: Average White Band Live: Another “Soul Searching Band”

[2006/09/27]: “Planet Earth” Second Series Starts Oct 1st

[2006/09/26]: Happy Birthday To Martin

[2006/09/25]: Chante Moore & Kenny Lattimore: Moody’s Mood For Lovers

[2006/09/24]: Madonna Speaks: Questions About Madonna Revealed, A Little

[2006/09/23]: Jino Jam Featuring Maru: One Thing Leads To Another

[2006/09/22]: Madonna Saga Continues:

[2006/09/21]: Madonna Confessions Tour: Have You Confessed?

[2006/09/20]: Brenda Vaughn: Lady Soul Is Here To Stay

[2006/09/19]: Chante Moore & Kenny Lattimore: Does Their Live May Cause Pregnancy?

[2006/09/18]: Frank McComb’s Night Session…

[2006/09/17]: 2008 Space Odyssey: Google Earth (Part 2)

[2006/09/16]: 2008 Space Odyssey (Part 1)

[2006/09/15]: Luther’s Mother Promoting Her Son’s Album

[2006/09/14]: Bits & Pieces Of Soul Talking…

[2006/09/13]: Watch Out For New Martano’s Wall Painting

[2006/09/12]: Gary Adkins Is The Singer Who Sings Gatsby Song

[2006/09/11]: Tokyo Disco Festival At Velfare

[2006/09/10]: Vote Now! Who Sings On Gatsby Song?

[2006/09/09]: Philip Woo Band Live: Joe Sample To Gladys Knight, Brenda To Ruika

[2006/09/08]: Maru, Sakai Yu Live

[2006/09/07]: Junko Koshino 2007 Spring/Summer Collection

[2006/09/06]: Blog, Blog, Blog…

[2006/09/05]: Beyonce: B’Day Party

[2006/09/04]: Tokyo Jazz Live: Young Meets Old, East Meets West, Fresh Meets Mature…All Happening Here

[2006/09/03]: Pod Casting For “Soul Giants” & Column On “Jet Stream”

[2006/09/02]: Cuban Nights With Summer Breeze; Today Is A Dream, Tomorrow Will Be A History

[2006/09/01]: Soul Seekers Live: Searcher Searchin’ Seekers