Monthly Archives: 2005/11

[2005/11/29]: Marcus Miller: Another Strong Black Funk Band

[2005/11/28]: Jun Played Newly Arrived Piano: The Sound Of Piano Has Changed In Two Hours

[2005/11/27]: Joe & George: Can Never Describe Their Music By Words

[2005/11/26]: Leon Russell: Living Legend

[2005/11/25]: Joe Sample (Part 5); Performance In Living Room

[2005/11/24]: Cab Calloway III: Kicked Off The Cotton Club’s Opening Week

[2005/11/23]: Cotton Club Has Just Opened: Legend Begins With Ellington’s Song

[2005/11/22]: A Night To Remember: Thank God For Joe Played It For Me ~ Joe Sample (Part 4)

[2005/11/21]: Could You Do Me A Favor? Will You Play “Stardust” For Me? : Joe Sample (Part 3)

[2005/11/20]: The Master Of Improvisation; Like Raindrops & Clouds : Joe Sample (Part 2)~

[2005/11/19]: Groove Hand, Poet Hand: Magic Hand Of Joe Sample (Part 1)

[2005/11/18]: Platters Will Hit Japan Tour 2005

[2005/11/17]: 112 Live@Liquid Room

[2005/11/16]: TKY Final Live: Someday They’ll Be Together

[2005/11/15]: Luther “No.1″ Ichimura Will Do Solo Live Concert: Back Where You Belong

[2005/11/14]: Osaka Monaurail Live: An Osaka Monaurail Addict

[2005/11/13]: Sugarhill To Cotton Club To Sugarhill:

[2005/11/12]: Standing Ovation For 50 Years-plus History

[2005/11/11]: Victor Wooten Live: The Music Prince Loves

[2005/11/10]: Brenda Vaughn Steal The Show

[2005/11/09]: Take 6 Live: We Want More

[2005/11/08]: Stevie Wonder Press Conference (Part 3 of 3 Parts):

[2005/11/07]: Stevie Wonder Press Conference (Part 2 of 3 Parts):

[2005/11/06]: Stevie Wonder Press Conference (Part 1):

[2005/11/05]: Switchblade Live: Soulful Unit

[2005/11/04]: Eye To Eye Contact With Stevie

[2005/11/03]: Stevie Wonder: Accept 3 More Questions, 10 More Radio IDs

[2005/11/02]: Dinner Refugee: Searchin’ For Good Cutlet

[2005/11/01]: 日記の消滅部分について

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