Monthly Archives: 2005/04

[2005/04/29]: Play “Kotobuki!”: Symbol Of Loser & Winner

[2005/04/28]: Soul Survivor: New Segment In “Soul Connection”

[2005/04/27]: Knack For Writing Piece With Longevity

[2005/04/26]: Kondo Fusanosuke Live At Blues Alley

[2005/04/25]: The Last Day Of George’s: Part 2

[2005/04/24]: The Last Day Of George’s: Part 1

[2005/04/23]: Pathos Is New Group With Old Members

[2005/04/22]: Dead Line Is Here To Break

[2005/04/21]: It’s Gonna Be Sleepless Night After You Heard Norah’s Voice

[2005/04/20]: The Soul Nuts Open: Watch Out For Your Head

[2005/04/19]: All That Simplicity Is Gold: Norah Jones

[2005/04/18]: Stevie’s Album Info Update:

[2005/04/17]: Blue Note: The Night For Duke’s Place

[2005/04/16]: Past, Present & Future Of R&B: Destiny’s Child Live

[2005/04/15]: Never Dreamed I’d Meet Them 30 Years After

[2005/04/14]: Stylistics Live At Kentos: After 37 Years, They Still Keep On Singing

[2005/04/13]: Cutting Edge To Edge Of Cup: The Shot Of Soul, Another History Was Made

[2005/04/12]: Amerie: Live Show Case At Xross

[2005/04/11]: Nat King Cole Sings “Love” In Japanese In A Beautiful Way

[2005/04/10]: Play For Peace; N.E.R.D Played At Coach Event

[2005/04/09]: Thanks For Joining “Soul Ginza School”

[2005/04/08]: Al Green’s New Album Is More Than OK, Everything’s Superb

[2005/04/07]: Crystal Kay: CK Style

[2005/04/06]: Movie “Festival Express”: Soul On The Train

[2005/04/05]: R&B Singer Jimmy Lewis Died On 911.

[2005/04/04]: 「吉岡正晴のソウル銀座塾VOL.2」のお知らせ

[]: Soul Blends Into Season Five

[2005/04/03]: Erykah Badu: Purple Queen

[2005/04/02]: Kishita Kohshi Live: First Heisei-born Super Star

[2005/04/01]: Mariah Carey Sung Two Songs At Roppongi Hills