Monthly Archives: 2007/12

[2007/12/30]: Fukamachi Jun #84: 7 Years Of Improvisation Music

[]: 深町純ライヴ

[2007/12/29]: Frank McComb & Gatz Live: Back To Back

[2007/12/28]: Uehara Hiromi Wrote A Piece Tribute To Oscar Peterson

[2007/12/27]: Matt Dusk Live With Sara Gazarek

[2007/12/26]: Oscar Peterson Dies At 82

[2007/12/25]: Photographers & Musicians: What Will Photographer Capture Of Musician?

[2007/12/24]: Stylistics : They Love Japan, Japan Love Stylistics

[2007/12/23]: David “God’s Hand” T. Walker: There’s Movement In Stillness

[2007/12/22]: Stylistics : Take Me Back To The 70s

[2007/12/21]: Brenda Vaughn & Kanagawa Philharmonic Pops Orchestra

[2007/12/20]: Ali Oli & Kaleb & Brenda

[2007/12/19]: Distinctive Fingers, David T. Walker Says “Guitar Is My Voice”

[2007/12/18]: Marcus Miller Live : His New Album Is “Free”, But It’s Not Free

[2007/12/17]: David T Walker Stood Up 8 Times While His Performance

[2007/12/16]: Munch Exhibition At Ueno

[2007/12/15]: Irie Shinya’s Party Manual Book

[2007/12/14]: Ike Turner Dies At 76

[2007/12/13]: Peter Barakan Attacked On December 8th, John Lennon Day

[2007/12/12]: The Experience At “Dialog In The Dark”: Feel It, Smell It, Touch It & Listen

[2007/12/11]: 50th Grammy Nomination

[2007/12/10]: “Philly Soul Christmas Night In Ginza” (Part 3) : After The Party…

[2007/12/09]: “Philly Soul Christmas Night In Ginza” (Part 2) The Night Ginza Became Apollo Theater

[2007/12/08]: Big Thanks For Joining “Philly Soul Christmas Night In Ginza” (Part 1) : It Was So Hot…

[2007/12/07]: Philly Soul Christmas Night In Ginza: Today at 5pm

[2007/12/06]: Rahsaan Patterson Japan Live

[2007/12/05]: Up Coming Blog Story At Random

[2007/12/04]: プリティー・パーディー

[]: Bernard Pretty Purdie & Chuck Rainey Live

[2007/12/03]: It’s The Temptations Week (Part 5) : Temps Bring A Guy Who Loved Temps Back In The Days To Cotton Club

[2007/12/02]: Sounds Of Blackness Live At Billboard Live

[2007/12/01]: Alicia Keys @ Maru Building