Monthly Archives: 2006/07

[2006/07/30]: Kubota Toshinobu Shouted “You Are My Soul” At The Center Of The Stage

[2006/07/29]: Alyson Talks, Omar Talks: Harlem Nights

[2006/07/28]: Harlem Nights Vol.5: Alyson Williams Sings Wide Variety Of Music, Omar Edwards Taps With New Idea

[2006/07/27]: Soul Power Tokyo Summit 2006

[2006/07/26]: Funky Live That’s Where The Happy People Go

[2006/07/25]: Disco + Jazz = Dazz: Dazzlin Funkin Dazz Band Showed Real Music

[2006/07/24]: Otis Clay Live: Here Comes The Deep Soul Singer

[2006/07/23]: Kishita Kohshi Will Be On “Soul Blends”

[]: Takayama Hiroshi: Like A Virgin; Hot, Hot, Hot

[2006/07/22]: Tami Chynn; New Star From Jamaica

[2006/07/21]: Philip Woo & New York Allstars: Don’t Leave Me This Way (Japanese Version)

[2006/07/20]: Philip Woo & New York Allstars: Don’t Leave Me This Way

[2006/07/19]: Kishita Kohshi: The Moment Time Freezed

[2006/07/18]: Two Interesting Compilation Album Has Released: “Atlantic Unearthed: Soul Brothers” & “Atlantic Unearthed: Soul Sisters”

[2006/07/17]: “Too Hot” Portray Tokyo’s Summer Madness: Soy Soul Live Coming Up

[2006/07/16]: “All About Soul Disco Dance”: Book Is Released

[2006/07/15]: More Black Eyed Peas: What Will Come Next After Elephant And Monkey

[2006/07/14]: Black Eyed Peas Live: Where’s The Love? Love Is At Budokan

[2006/07/13]: Philip Woo Band: So Tight, So Funky

[2006/07/12]: Original Commodore Milan Williams Dies At 58

[2006/07/11]: Prince Talk Event Vol.4: Mr. Anzai Talks About Prince

[2006/07/10]: Prince Talk Event Vol.4

[2006/07/09]: Naturally 7 Live: All Sounds Made By Human Voice

[2006/07/08]: Jody Watley Live At Cotton Club

[2006/07/07]: Takayama Hiroshi Talks About Luther Vandross

[2006/07/06]: “Soul Searchin’: The Session Vol.1″(Part 5): After The Dance…

[2006/07/05]: “Soul Searchin’: The Session Vol.1″(Part 4): After The Dance…

[2006/07/04]: “Soul Searchin’: The Session Vol.1″(Part 3): Behind The Back Stage

[2006/07/03]: “Soul Searchin’ : The Session Vol.1″ (Part 2): Full Of Roses In Her Arms

[2006/07/02]: Big Big Thanks For Joining “Soul Searchin’: The Session Vol.1″

[2006/07/01]: Luther’s Previously Unreleased Songs Would Be Revealed At “Soul Searchin’; The Session Vol.1″