Philip Woo & New York Allstars: Don't Leave Me This Way

(Note; Musicians want me to write in English, so I try. Japanese version will be appearing on tomorrow’s blog, here.) (簡単な日本語版、明日ご紹介します)
【Found Tons Of Soul, Not Only A Piece Of Soul】
One thing The Soul Searcher would like to say to the musicians is “You guys, move to Japan and live here”.
If you know the music of 70s and 80s, just read the following setlist, you could imagine and enjoy them.
The back up band for Japanese singer Kubota Toshinobu, they call themselves Philip Woo & The New York Allstars, has been doing few gigs around Tokyo area just for fun. I had traveling all the way from Tokyo to Kichijouji last Wednesday. But it was worth it. They are incredible band, tight unit, great singers, all the musicians have tons of soul which The Soul Searcher really enjoyed.
Their another performance today was once again more than 20 miles away from my home but I know it would be worth it. Even if it’s in the rain.
Musicians happened to read my last blog wrote about performance Cha Cha House in Kichijouji which was written in Japanese but thank God some of their friend translated to them. So I try to write in English, this time.
When I arrived there, they has just ended “Tell Me Something Good”. As I sit, Philip called Yuri and she started sing “I Can’t Stand The Rain”. That reminded me that last Wednesday was also rain. Deep voice. If I would do “Soul Searchin’: The Session: Memphis Soul” or something, I will delicately call her.
Then came Ty. He sings the song which I missed last week. Stevie’s “Knocks Me Off My Feet” later covered by no other than Luther. Is his version is Stevie’s rendition or Luther’s rendition? No, it’s Ty’s rendition! He should come and sing this on July 1st at “Soul Searchin’: The Session, A Tribute To Luther Vandross”. I should know him earlier.
I found Kaleb James and Shanti in the audience and said hi to them while on the intermission.
Second set kicked off with very funky War’s “Slippin’ Into Darkness” which was sung by talented drummer/singer Ralph, who could also sing Al Green among others, besides Philip on harmonica.
Philip called Felicia again and she started to sing awesome “Ain’t No Way”, my favorite. Every audience gazed at her. She could be Aretha, she could be Chaka, but she is standing her own right. If I would do “Soul Searchin: Aretha”, she’ll be the first singer on my list. Philip decided to play another Aretha song which was sung by Yuri called “Day Dreamin'”.
Then Philip said “I’d like to do some unplugged with Ty” and made others left the stage and started to touch keyboards on acoustic piano from high note to down low. Here comes Donny. Ty must have been singing this song thousand times. This is perfect 10 version.
On the last song, they started to play “Boogie Oogie Oogie”, but soon the song went into “Boogie Nights”, then came strings of soul hits spontaneously which every audience has been really enjoyed. Sometimes, Ralph start to play some song and others followed, or as singer started to sing something, other musicians followed. Very spontaneous. Pumpin’ bass by Carlos Henderson whose favorite bass player is Ray Brown, is alive and kicking. Real musicians could play anything easily. On encore, singers in the audience such as Brenda Vaughn, Shanti, Kaleb came on the stage and jammed with “I’m Every Woman”.
New York Allstars, except Philip who resides in Japan, will be leaving on August 7th after 4 months stay in Japan. This Motion Blue Night was said to be the last gig of their own. Their band sound is so addicted to me. Don’t leave me this way. Such a great band. When can I see them again?
Tonight, The Soul Searcher found tons of soul, not only a piece of soul.
[Written by Yoshioka Masaharu–The Soul Searcher]
(Philip and Hanko-ya san and Ty Stephens will have a gig at small Mebius on August 2nd)
 メンバー Members
Philip Woo (Keyboard)
Nishiyama “Hankoya” Fumio (Guitar)
Ralph Rolle (Drums)
Carlos Henderson (Bass)
Felicia Graham (Vocal)
Ty Stephens (Vocal)
Kamino Yuri (Vocal)
Kaleb James
Brenda Vaughn
DJ Stock
Setlist ( )denotes lead singer. [ ] denotes original artist.
01. Shadows (Instrumental)
02. I Know You, I Live You [Chaka Khan]
03. If You Really Love Me [Stevie Wonder]
04. It’s A Shame [Spinners]
05. Tell Me Something Good [Rufus/Chaka Khan]
06. I Can’t Stand The Rain (Yuri) [Ann Peebles, Tina Turner, Graham Central Station]
07. Knocks Me Off My Feet (Ty) [Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross]
show ended 19:34
Second set
show started 20:34
01. Slippin’ Into Darkness (Ralph on vocal, Philip on harmonica) [War]
02. Ain’t No Way (Felicia) [Aretha Franklin]
03. Day Dreaming (Yuri) [Aretha Franklin]
04. A Song For You (Ty) [Leon Russell, Donny Hathaway, Carpenters]
05. Let’s Stay Together (Ralph, Brenda Vaughn) [Al Green]
06. Fingertips (Part 1 & 2) (Felicia on lead vocal, Kaleb on keys, Philip on harmonica) [Stevie Wonder]
07. I’m Going Down (Felicia) [Rose Royce]
08. Soul Jam Medley: Boogie Woogie Oogie (everybody) [A Taste Of Honey]
–Boogie Nights [Heatwave]
–Papa Was A Rolling Stone [Temptations]
–Boogie Nights [Heatwave]
–Shake Your Body Down To The Ground [Jacksons]
–Wanna Be Startin’ Something [Michael Jackson]
–Supersition [Stevie Wonder]
–Billie Jean (intro riff) [Michael Jackson]
–Thank You [Sly & Family Stone]
–Rhythm Nation (riff) [Janet Jackson]
–Goodtimes/Rappers Delight [Chic / Sugarhill Gang]
–We Are Family [Sister Sledge]
09. Higher Ground [Stevie Wonder]
Enc. I’m Every Woman [Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston]
show ended 22:07
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