Monthly Archives: 2006/05

[2006/05/30]: John Legend: MTV Pre-Show

[2006/05/29]: Adriana Evans: Live At Cotton Club

[2006/05/28]: Fukamachi Jun #65: Performer Knows How Do Audiences Feel

[2006/05/27]: Soul Blends Night Held At Xanadu

[2006/05/26]: American Idol Season 5 Winner Is…

[2006/05/25]: “American Idol”: Who Will Be A Winner? Kat Or Taylor

[2006/05/24]: Fatback Band: Bill Curtis Has Keep On Drumming For Over 50 Years

[2006/05/23]: Miracle 27th Anniversary Party At The Garden

[2006/05/22]: Takayama Hiroshi One Man Stage Play

[2006/05/21]: Fatback Band: Funky Party Band Is Here To Stay

[2006/05/20]: Johnnie Wilder Of Heatwave Died At 56

[2006/05/19]: Soul Express: House Band At Cha Cha House

[2006/05/18]: Give Up For Spam

[2006/05/17]: Ota Ken Has First Major Debut Album

[2006/05/16]: “Good Night, and Good Luck”

[2006/05/15]: Alyson Williams Will Join “Harlem Nights V”

[2006/05/14]: “American Idol” Season 5, Final 5 To 4

[2006/05/13]: Fukamachi Jun Goes To Ben’s Cafe

[2006/05/12]: Osaka Soul Show:

[2006/05/11]: OA Finally Closed Its Door

[2006/05/10]: The Last Day For Soul Snack OA, Aoyama

[2006/05/09]: Jazz Is Good For You Toots Said To A Man

[2006/05/08]: Soul Blends Night Vol.1 Will Be Held On May 26th

[2006/05/07]: Soul Bar Tina Newly Opened

[2006/05/06]: Golden Funk Party At Plug

[2006/05/05]: Dwele Live: Looks Like Poetry Reading

[2006/05/04]: Tommy Campbell’s Vocal Session Band; Times Of Trial And Error

[2006/05/03]: Jack Lee & Asianergy Live

[2006/05/02]: K Is The Name Of Singer: 

[2006/05/01]: James Fujiki’s New Soul Band: Tokyo Mowtown Show Debut