Monthly Archives: 2005/09

[2005/09/29]: Ciara & Mashonda Live

[2005/09/28]: More Stevie: Download Has Just Begun

[2005/09/27]: Stevie Wonder Update:

[2005/09/26]: Finally, “A Time 2 Love” Is Arrived: Real Countdown Has Just Begun

[2005/09/25]: The Word Which Could Never Translated Into Japanese

[2005/09/24]: Saya Talks About New Orleans

[2005/09/23]: Willie Hutch Dies At 59

[2005/09/22]: A Time To Release: Stevie Update, Uptight, Yeah!

[2005/09/21]: This Time It’s For Real: Stevie’s Tracklisting Is Revealed

[2005/09/20]: Dr.John Plays Piano And Organ Simultaneously

[2005/09/19]: Another Ray Charles Duet Album Is Coming

[2005/09/18]: Hurricane Aid Japan Is Formed

[2005/09/17]: Kaleb James’s Own Group Phate

[2005/09/16]: Babyface Live: When Can I See You Again?

[2005/09/15]: Luther Tribute Will Be Out On October 26 In Japan

[2005/09/14]: Peabo Threw Roses For Ladles Only

[2005/09/13]: Soul Train To End In September After 6 & Half Years

[2005/09/12]: The Soul Searcher Goes To Vote

[2005/09/11]: Al Cooper Will Be In Tokyo

[2005/09/10]: Pianin & Dana Hanchard Live: Dana Said My Language Is Music

[2005/09/09]: Agassi Legacy Continues:

[2005/09/08]: Michael Jackson Would Record For Victims Of Katrina

[2005/09/07]: Katrina Aftermath: Actions Have Just Begin

[2005/09/06]: Artists Affected By Katrina

[2005/09/05]: Seoul Connection: Shin Seung Hun And…

[2005/09/04]: Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) Magnetic Tour 2005

[2005/09/03]: One Night Disco Xanadu At Hotel Pacific

[2005/09/02]: Maceo Parker Live: Another Minister Of Funk

[2005/09/01]: Stevie Won’t Release New Album In September