Monthly Archives: 2004/07

[2004/07/30]: 70s Trio Backed Up Lady K

[2004/07/29]: War Of Set Up Of Temperature In The Room

[2004/07/28]: Tribute To Stratocaster: Guitar Album

[2004/07/27]: Anita Baker: Freezed Ten Years Time Is Now Defrosted

[2004/07/26]: Fictitious Bill For Both Sides

[2004/07/25]: Genius Loves Company: Ray Charles Last Recording

[2004/07/24]: Play Without Words: Well Crafted Play With Message

[2004/07/23]: Now It’s Revealed Who Played Drums On “Spirit”

[2004/07/22]: The Blues Movie Project: The Hot Summer Of The Blues

[2004/07/21]: Lady K Sings Lady D

[2004/07/20]: Taxi Driver In Okinawa Talks: There’s No Longer A-Sign Bar

[2004/07/19]: Pledges, Fireworks, Lives Over Sleepless Nights

[2004/07/18]: Movie “Moumochennga” : An Old Lady Talks About The Facts Of Life

[2004/07/17]: Live Music By The Sea: Acoustic Is The Key

[2004/07/16]: Play Without Words: Watch It With Three Eyes

[2004/07/15]: Receiving Spam Mail About Get Rid Out Of Spam Mails

[2004/07/14]: Earth Wind & Fire: The Video Collection: Live By Request

[2004/07/13]: Syreeta To Eva Cassidy: Only The Good Die Young

[2004/07/12]: Syreeta: First Wife Of Stevie Helped Him To Be Independent

[2004/07/11]: Boys II Men Live At Kokusai Forum A: A Road To Las Vegas 

[2004/07/10]: (お知らせ)明日「ソウルブレンズ」「ソウルサーチン」でシリータ追悼

[]: Boyz II Men Live At Kokusai Forum A: So Many Soundtrack To Everybody’s Life

[2004/07/09]: Songwriter/Singer Brenda Russell Live At Bluenote

[2004/07/08]: Syreeta Wright, Ex-wife Of Stevie Wonder, Died At 58

[2004/07/07]: Kuwaman With Three Bicrees Are Fun Fun Fun

[2004/07/06]: Watanabe Sadao Blows Theme For Yungchen Lhamo’s Voyage To India

[2004/07/05]: Mystery Of Donny’s Live Album To One Hit Wonder

[2004/07/04]: Donny Hathaway Live: Bits & Pieces

[2004/07/03]: Midnight Love To Soysoul Live

[2004/07/02]: Tokyo 60 Watts @ Shibuya AX

[2004/07/01]: So Far We Couldn’t Say Who Played On “Getaway”