Monthly Archives: 2004/06

[2004/06/29]: What Will Happen To 9-Year Old Boy 10 Years Later: “Feel ‘N’ Soul” At Gifu FM

[2004/06/28]: A Ticket Bind Between Today & 18 Years Ago

[2004/06/27]: Doesn’t Really Matter What The Genre Is

[2004/06/26]: Look Out For Number One: Ai Live At Duo

[2004/06/25]: Melissa Manchester’s “A Mother’s Prayer”

[2004/06/24]: Talk About “Only The Strong Survive” At Relocated Soul Bar Sugar Hill

[2004/06/23]: Tribute To Uncle Ray, Vol.2?

[2004/06/22]: Stevie Talks About Ray: Sung “I Won’t Complain”

[2004/06/21]: Another Hell For Men: Selecting Songs Is Hard To Do

[2004/06/20]: Everybody Can’t Stop Loving Ray

[2004/06/19]: Hell For Men Turns Heaven For Him

[2004/06/18]: Footsteps Of The Master Of Dance, Nick Okai Explode

[2004/06/17]: Stars Would Sing For Ray Charles

[2004/06/16]: How To Raise Your Latin Ratio

[2004/06/15]: The Digital Garden Vol.7: Event For Prince Fans

[2004/06/14]: Candi Staton: Lady Soul Connect Your Heart, Southern Soul Touch Your Soul

[2004/06/13]: Brother Ray On My Mind: A Tribute To Ray Charles

[2004/06/12]: Soul Legend Ray Charles Died At 73

[2004/06/11]: 『ソウル・ブレンズ』内「ソウル・サーチン」、レイ・チャールズ追悼

[]: (速報)レイ・チャールズ死去

[]: Curry Soul

[2004/06/10]: Donny Hathaway’s New Album Including Seven Previously Unreleased Materials

[2004/06/09]: Man On The Wheel Chair Is Still Soooo Funky

[2004/06/08]: Soul To Soul Fighting: French Open Final

[2004/06/07]: David T Walker’s “What’s Goin’ On” Is New Theme For “Soul Searchin’”

[2004/06/06]: Naturally 7 Talk: They Could Sing Anywhere, Anytime

[2004/06/05]: ナチュラリー7、明日フリーライヴ(訂正版)

[]: Naturally 7: The Magnificent 7 Proved The Theory Of Evolution, Naturally

[2004/06/04]: Soul Of The Guitar: Sugimoto Atsuhiko Band Live

[2004/06/03]: Jebel Bar: Soul Bar In Honmoku

[2004/06/02]: A Chat About Minneapolis With Curry Udon

[2004/06/01]: Mary J Blige Live At Budokan: More Drama On Love & Life Tour