Monthly Archives: 2003/06

[2003/06/29]: Genuine Improvisation Made By Jun

[2003/06/28]: New Soul Bar In Monzen-Nakacho

[2003/06/27]: GATS TKB SHOW Live At Shibuya Boxx

[2003/06/26]: Get Out And Get The Japanese Title

[2003/06/25]: Crusaders’ Blue Note Tour Finalized

[2003/06/24]: Sacred Steel: Campbell Brothers Will Be In Town In July

[2003/06/23]: What’s Going On by Tatsuro Yamashita

[2003/06/22]: Artist who remind me “Best Hit USA”

[2003/06/21]: Dance With My Father: Complete Japanese Translate Version

[2003/06/20]: Luther’s Album Made No.1 For The First Time In His Life

[2003/06/19]: Nivea Live At Liquid Room

[2003/06/18]: New Edition Will Hit Japan Tour

[2003/06/17]: Bittersweet Voice That Turned Blue Note A Desert

[2003/06/16]: Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You → Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

[2003/06/15]: Rick James? or George Clinton? No, he’s Mr.Kankawa!

[2003/06/14]: Now it’s official: Luther is out of ICU

[2003/06/13]: Luther is out of his coma?

[2003/06/12]: Crash Between Maurice White And Al McKay

[2003/06/11]: Ain’t Nothing But Marvin Gaye

[2003/06/10]: Ain’t No Way is the Classic

[2003/06/09]: Live, Live, Live

[2003/06/08]: Queen Of Soul: Aretha Franklin, Truly A Lady Soul

[2003/06/07]: Marvin Gaye’s Live Album: Why did he hate to perform?

[2003/06/06]: Just Hit The Stage! Michael!

[2003/06/05]: Poor Peaches & Herb: Why they are omitted?

[2003/06/04]: Oldest Funk Band in Tokyo at Newest Live House

[2003/06/03]: Curtis Mayfield & Linda Clifford

[2003/06/02]: Is It You? Who Is It?  Who Are You?

[2003/06/01]: Hurricane, Hurricane, Hurricane