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920 2005/02/01 (Tue) The Adventures Of DJ Yosshy On The Wheels Of Steel
921 2005/02/02 (Wed) Brother Tom's Two Minutes: He Talked About When He First Heard Ray Charles
922 2005/02/03 (Thu) DJ At Luther
923 2005/02/04 (Fri) Behind The Scene At Luther: Where There's A Dancer, There'll Be A Soul Of DJ
924 2005/02/05 (Sat) 47th Grammy Predictions: Part 1
925 2005/02/06 (Sun) 47th Grammy Predictions: Part 2
926 2005/02/07 (Mon) Kishita Kohshi Official Web Just Opened
927 2005/02/08 (Tue) Grammy Predictions: Analyze
928 2005/02/09 (Wed) Grammy Predictions By American Music Journalists
929 2005/02/10 (Thu) Soul Jam Vol.2
930 2005/02/11 (Fri) Tyrone Davis Died At 66, Also Jimmy Smith, Ossie Davis Died
931 2005/02/12 (Sat) Who Will Be The Biggest Winner At Grammy?
932 2005/02/13 (Sun) If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time:
933 2005/02/14 (Mon) Additional Predictions To 47th Grammy Awards:
934 2005/02/14 (Mon) Grammy Goes To: 47th Grammy Award Winners (Part 1)(速報)
935 2005/02/14 (Mon) Grammy Goes To: 47th Grammy Award Winners (Part 2)(速報)
936 2005/02/15 (Tue) Big Night For Ray Charles: The Last God Blessing For Brother Ray: 47th Grammy Award
937 2005/02/16 (Wed) Praise For Myself: How Was The Result Of Predictions?
938 2005/02/17 (Thu) For Jimmy Smith: Master Of Hammond B3: He Never Changed
939 2005/02/18 (Fri) Poster For Two Caribbean Islands
940 2005/02/19 (Sat) America's Good Old Conscience: Soul Of Bill Withers
941 2005/02/20 (Sun) Got Region Free DVD Player For Movie "RAY" DVD
942 2005/02/21 (Mon) Why Did He Bring Costco's Hotdogs
943 2005/02/22 (Tue) Live At Club Heights (Part 1)
944 2005/02/23 (Wed) Live At Club Heights (Part 2): The Back To The 70s Disco
945 2005/02/24 (Thu) Talk About Ray Charles Book On "Feel 'N' Soul"
946 2005/02/25 (Fri) 77th Academy Predictions
947 2005/02/26 (Sat) Promotional Appearance For Two Programmes
948 2005/02/27 (Sun) "The Great Song Story":
949 2005/02/28 (Mon) Edward Patten Former Members of Pips Dies
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