Monthly Archives: 2007/09

[2007/09/29]: Teddy Riley’s Jam @ Billboard Live

[2007/09/28]: Shanti Live At Blues Alley: Shows Sacred Soul

[2007/09/27]: Phyllis Hyman’s Autobiography Has Published

[2007/09/26]: Shanti’s Showcase Will Be Tomorrow At Blues Alley

[2007/09/25]: Philly Soul Night In Ginza Will Be Held On October 5th

[2007/09/24]: Brick Gonna You Sweat

[2007/09/23]: Dreams Come True Live At The National Athletic Stadium: It’s Dream-Dimension Stage

[2007/09/22]: Tokyo Jazz 2007: Joe Sample & Randy Crawford, Candy, Etc.

[2007/09/21]: George’s Will Close Its Door Again On September 29th

[2007/09/20]: A Cover Of Dancyu: Taiho At Furukawabashi: Show Some Caring

[2007/09/19]: Ono Hitomi Live

[2007/09/18]: Shioya Tatsuya Presents Gospel Experience Live

[2007/09/17]: Stevie Wonder’s New Album Will Be Released By January?

[2007/09/16]: Shanti Will Showcase Her Newest Album “Share My Air” At Blues Alley

[2007/09/15]: Maceo Parker Thanks For Stuff At Blue…No, Billboard Live

[2007/09/14]: Bobby Byrd Dies At 73: I Know You Got Soul

[2007/09/13]: Maru Will Write New Song With Each Live

[]: (速 ) Bobby Byrd Dies At 73

[2007/09/12]: Joe Zawinul Dies At 75: Another Great One Down On 911

[2007/09/11]: The 4th Gold Concert: Challenged Musicians’ Challenge

[2007/09/10]: Danceman & The Bandman: 5th Yokohama Summer Funk Festival 2007

[2007/09/09]: Amy Winehouse: A Star Is Born

[]: 新星

[2007/09/08]: What Happened Between First & Second Show

[2007/09/07]: Kurosawa Kaoru: You Are In The Circle Of Destiny

[2007/09/06]: Lenomas Sent Me Reply: Information Goes Around Comes Around

[2007/09/05]: Joe At Billboard Live: Joe Sings For All The Ladies In The House

[2007/09/04]: Brenda Vaughn’s Own Second Show Will Be In October

[2007/09/03]: We’ve Got A Clue Of “Lenomas”, Wow

[2007/09/02]: Raul Midon Live: What You See Is What You Get

[2007/09/01]: Dynasty: Dynasty Of Solar Soul: Jeffrey Daniels Sitting In