Monthly Archives: 2007/08

[2007/08/30]: Kishita Kohshi Live At Shinagawa Church: Can I Get A Witness?

[2007/08/29]: Rehearsal For Kohshi Kishita

[2007/08/28]: Only 6 Songs Were Played On “Universe”

[2007/08/27]: Disco Event At Xross: Dance Man Live

[2007/08/26]: Fukamachi Jun Improvisation Live #80:

[2007/08/25]: Gats → Gatz New Live: New Beginning

[2007/08/24]: The Soul Searcher Will Be On “Universe” Next Monday

[2007/08/23]: Memory Of Jiyugaoka, Back In The Day (Part 2)

[2007/08/22]: Mardi Gras: Memory Of Jiyugaoka, Back In The Day (Part 1)

[2007/08/21]: Gumbo’s Ear Vol.12~Soul Searchin Video Night

[2007/08/20]: Gumbo’s Ear Vol.12 ~Soul Searchin Video Night

[2007/08/19]: Soul Power Presents Jaye & Silky With Soysoul

[2007/08/18]: (お知らせ)Soul Searchin Video Night: Tomorrow At 7

[]: Live M! Day Two:

[2007/08/17]: Live M! : Kajiwara Jun Junp[Jump] In!

[2007/08/16]: Live M! : Tonight At 7: Guess Which Song Will Be Performed

[2007/08/15]: Shiota Nori & Maru Live

[2007/08/14]: Many Events Coming Up:

[2007/08/13]: Maru Will Back Up For Kurosawa Kaoru’s Solo Date

[2007/08/12]: Soul Power Tokyo Summit 2007: Singing Is Joy

[2007/08/11]: Blues Brothers Band Cover Band Live

[2007/08/10]: Yuri’s First Her Own Live:

[2007/08/09]: Nicole Richie Is A Adopted Daughter Of Lionel Richie

[2007/08/08]: Babyface’s New Album Will Be Covers Of 70s Pop Songs

[2007/08/07]: Etta James Hospitalized

[2007/08/06]: Stevie Wonder Will Kick Off US Tour First In 12 Years

[2007/08/05]: Many Events Coming Up August

[2007/08/04]: Another Great Poet Aku Yu Dies At 70

[2007/08/03]: Ron Miller: Great Poet (Part 2) – The Meaning Of “I’ve Never Been To Me”

[2007/08/02]: Ron Miller: Great Poet (Part 1)

[2007/08/01]: Who Sings On “Papico” CM?