Monthly Archives: 2007/06

[2007/06/29]: Enamel Brothers : Alter Ego Of Ronald Isley

[2007/06/28]: Stax 50th Anniversary: Reactivate Legendary Soul Label

[2007/06/27]: Corneille Showcase Live: When Will His Soul Searchin Start?

[2007/06/26]: Midnight Star: It’s Funky Midas Touch

[2007/06/25]: “Where Is Page 12?”

[2007/06/24]: Soul Searcher Painter Oka Nobuaki’s Exhibition Will Be Held At Yufuin

[2007/06/23]: Martin Live: Suzuki Masayuki’s Third Chapter Begins

[2007/06/22]: Christina Aguilera: It’s A Extravaganza Show

[2007/06/21]: The Sound Of Oakland Funk: Sly & Family Stone, Tower Of Power And More

[2007/06/20]: Tony Thompson Dies At 31

[2007/06/19]: Nile, Omar, Barry Make Funky Groove:

[2007/06/18]: Take Pictures And Send It To

[2007/06/17]: Raheem DeVaughn Live

[2007/06/16]: Everybody Dance, Dance, Dance On Chic Music

[2007/06/15]: Otis Redding: 66th Birthday, 40th Anniversary Of Death

[2007/06/14]: Nile Rodgers & Chic Will Be At BN: 30th Anniversary Of Chic

[2007/06/13]: The Soul Searcher Goes To Internet Radio

[2007/06/12]: Temptations: History Of Members Changing

[2007/06/11]: Too Hot: Soysoul Funk

[2007/06/10]: Kishita Kohshi Will Sing At Church With The Soul Searchers

[2007/06/09]: Jeff Lorber’s New Album Includes 2 Eric Benet Tracks

[2007/06/08]: Supremes; Different Versions

[2007/06/07]: Maxayn, Robbie, Anthony Talk:

[2007/06/06]: Philip Woo: A Tribute To Billy Preston Live

[2007/06/05]: The Fake Supremes On The Stage

[2007/06/04]: Philip Woo Promotes His Own Gig

[2007/06/03]: Kubota Toshinobu Meets Kreva

[2007/06/02]: James Brown’s Song Credit:

[2007/06/01]: “Champagne Royale”: The Bottle Of La Seule Gloire