Monthly Archives: 2007/03

[2007/03/30]: Soul Searchin: The Session (Part 4): “Day Dreaming — I’m Thinking Of You”

[2007/03/29]: Soul Searchin: (Part 3): The Beauty Of Background Vocals

[2007/03/28]: Soul Searchin: The Session(Part 2) : A Singer Inspired By Aretha

[2007/03/27]: Soul Searchin: The Session~A Tribute To Aretha Franklin (Part 1)

[2007/03/26]: Soul Searchin: The Session Vol.2: The Moment Of Sparkle

[2007/03/25]: Soul Searchin: The Session, Rehearsal Day Three

[2007/03/24]: Norah Jones: Show Case Live At Ebisu

[2007/03/23]: Luther Ingram Dies at 69

[2007/03/22]: Soul Searchin: The Session, Rehearsal Started 

[2007/03/21]: 【お知らせ】Soul Searchin: The Session : Be On The Waiting List

[]: Playaz Gotta Play: Maxayn’s Event

[2007/03/20]: Thin Line Between Soul And Enka: Jaye Kouyama Live

[2007/03/19]: What’s The Destiny For Mori Shinichi’s “Mother” (Part 2)

[2007/03/18]: What’s The Destiny For Mori Shinichi’s “Mother”(Part 1)

[2007/03/17]: Tower Of Power Live: Continuation Makes Power

[2007/03/16]: “Soul Searchin” Flyers: Delivered & Was Delivered

[2007/03/15]: “Summer Time” Is Coming: Donny’s Soul Is Coming: Ty Stephens Live

[2007/03/14]: Philip Woo & Brenda Vaughn With Ty Stephens: Soul, Soul, Soul!

[2007/03/13]: Sixty Million Dollar…Dubai…Investment…Umm

[2007/03/12]: The Soul Searchin: The Session; Songs Are Concreted

[2007/03/11]: Vanessa Bell Armstrong Talks:

[2007/03/10]: Vanessa Bell Armstrong Live At Mizuho Sky Hall

[2007/03/09]: Kubota Toshinobu: MTV Icon TV Shooting Live

[2007/03/08]: After Champagne Party…

[2007/03/07]: “Champagne Royale” Is Name Of Martin’s Latest Album

[2007/03/06]: Aretha Franklin Live At Montreux

[2007/03/05]: Takayama Hiroshi Will Be On “Soul Searchin: The Session Vol.2″

[2007/03/04]: Maru Live At Alfie: Whatever Happen To Maru Who Was Dating With A Guy At Sushi Bar

[2007/03/03]: Ty Stephens Will Sing Day And Night In Tokyo, Next Week

[2007/03/02]: Vanessa Bell Armstrong Will Be Coming To Japan

[2007/03/01]: Stevie Wonder Japan Tour: It Was A Mini “Innervisions” Tour