Monthly Archives: 2006/12

[2006/12/30]: Gimme Some More About James Brown

[2006/12/29]: James Brown Goes Back To Apollo Theater: Another Home He Loved

[2006/12/28]: 掲示板を再開しました

[]: Mellow Ridaz Vol.4 : DJ Batton & Tribute To James Brown

[2006/12/27]: James Brown Update: Last Minute Of James Brown

[2006/12/26]: James Brown Dies At 73

[2006/12/25]: (News Bulletin) James Brown Dies At 73

[]: After Johnny Gill; Japanese Soul Men Summit

[2006/12/24]: Shinagawa Gloria Chapel & My Father; Another Christmas Present

[2006/12/23]: Wash Your Whole Dirt In Past Year And Wish You A Merry Christmas

[2006/12/22]: “Dreamgirls”(Part 2) : Between Fiction And Non-Fiction

[2006/12/21]: Johnny Gill: 56 Minutes Of Erotic Soul

[2006/12/20]: Musical Movie “Dreamgirls”: Born In 1981

[2006/12/19]: Blackbyrd McKnight’s Social Gathering; Played To Death

[2006/12/18]: Whispers Live At Cotton Club: Nice Christmas Gift

[2006/12/17]: Stevie Wonder Mentioned His New Album’s Title

[2006/12/16]: Atlantic Founder Ahmet Ertegun Dies At 83

[2006/12/15]: Blackbyrd Night Will Be Held At Brown Sugar, Ebisu

[2006/12/14]: AI Tour Ends: First Dream Came True, Go For Second Dream

[2006/12/13]: Fukamachi Jun Opened His Own Cafe/Restaurant In Yutenji

[2006/12/12]: Temptations Recorded Three Albums For Atlantic

[2006/12/11]: 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards (Part 2)

[2006/12/10]: “Soul Blends” Live At Odaiba Venus Fort

[2006/12/09]: 49th Grammy Nomination Is Announced

[2006/12/08]: Herbie Hancock Live; Stimulate Body And Soul

[2006/12/07]: Frank McComb Live At Cotton Club

[2006/12/06]: Stevie Wonder 15th Japanese Tour Coming Up In February

[2006/12/05]: Stevie Wonder Will Starts Japan Tour February

[2006/12/04]: Don’t Call Me Mr. Hancock; Herbie Said

[2006/12/03]: Atlantic 60th Anniversary: “Funky Nassau” Is Roots Of KC &Sunshine Band

[2006/12/02]: J.T.Taylor Live: Tribute To Charles Smith

[2006/12/01]: Atlantic Records 60th Anniversary: 50 CDs Will Be Released Mid Price In Two Months