Monthly Archives: 2005/01

[2005/01/30]: A Passion For A Record Turns To A Passion For Music

[2005/01/29]: Zapp & P Funk Live At Zepp

[2005/01/28]: FM横浜『ダンシング・グルーヴ』にゲスト出演

[]: Tribute For Ray Charles At Ikspiari

[2005/01/27]: レイ・チャールズ掲示板設置しました

[]: 鈴木雅之さん、『RAY/レイ』前夜祭トークイヴェントに登場

[]: 57th Man Benny Golson Live At Blue Note

[2005/01/26]: The Movie “Terminal”: The Reason Victor Came To USA

[2005/01/25]: Chat At “Good Morning Tokyo”(J Wave) On Tomorrow Morning

[]: ‘Ray’ DVD Will Be Released In February

[2005/01/24]: Marvin Declairs He Would Start Blog Right Away

[2005/01/23]: Brother Ray(Japanese Edition) Finally Arrived

[2005/01/22]: Gay Power: The Movie “Priscilla”

[2005/01/21]: Get Crunk with the Millenium FUNK Tour

[2005/01/20]: Up Coming Ray Charles Related Events

[2005/01/19]: Lil’ ED & The Blues Imperials Live Will Be At Ikspiari

[2005/01/18]: Lou Rawls, Daddy Again At 69

[2005/01/17]: The Movie “Ray” Portrays Life On The Fast Lane: He Ain’t No Cripple Ever Again

[2005/01/16]: The Fighting Temptations: Another Barbershop Harmony

[2005/01/15]: ”Soul Explosion” Album: Compilation Of Era Of Soul Explosion

[2005/01/14]: Stay In School Album Will Be Released As CD Configuration For The First Time In History

[2005/01/13]: Mike Stern, Dennis Chambers Live: The Moment The Magic Hand Touched Me

[2005/01/12]: Meguro Shokudou: New Club In Meguro

[2005/01/11]: What Does “Gee Whiz” Means:

[2005/01/10]: Stax Story Part 2: After Otis, It’s New Generation Of Stax

[2005/01/09]: Stax Story: Stax Is Answers From Southern To Motown In Nothern

[2005/01/08]: Brother & Sister Talk: Midnight Love

[2005/01/07]: Boz Scaggs’ “Silk Degrees” Remind Me Summer Of 76

[2005/01/06]: Grammy’s Trustee Award Goes To Don Cornelius & Others

[2005/01/05]: Tonki Essay: Return By Popular Demand

[2005/01/04]: The First Visit Of The Year To A Shrine

[2005/01/03]: Chicken Songs For Year Of The Chicken

[2005/01/02]: The First CD That I Ever Heard At Beginning Of The Year: Ray Charles

[2005/01/01]: Happy New Year: Best Of Soul Searchin’ Diary 2004, Part 2