Monthly Archives: 2004/12

[2004/12/30]: Swamp Dog: Still Alive & Kicking

[2004/12/29]: Proof Reading Finished:

[2004/12/28]: Brother Ray: Now I’m Doing Proof Reading:

[2004/12/27]: Cry-Max: Another Compilation CD

[2004/12/26]: Ruben Studdard: I Need An Angel

[2004/12/25]: Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday: No Babies Allowed To Attend Live Performance

[2004/12/24]: Chaka Kahn: Classikhan

[2004/12/23]: To See Live Show Is My Blood

[2004/12/22]: Wrote Autograph After The Show, Everyday: Frank McComb

[2004/12/21]: Last Days Of Brother Ray

[2004/12/20]: Frank McComb Played For Prince

[2004/12/19]: It Was Planned, But It Didn’t Happen That Way

[2004/12/18]: Frank McComb Will Be On “Soul Blends”

[2004/12/17]: Look What They’ve Done To My Song, Ma: The Song Has Interesting Lyrics

[2004/12/16]: Japanese Title Finalized: Georgia On My Mind ~ Ray Charles Story


[2004/12/14]: Brother Ray Found Soul Mate

[2004/12/13]: Wolfman Jack Christmas Special Will Be On Air

[2004/12/12]: Brother Ray: Georgia On My Mind

[2004/12/11]: Brother Ray: Japanese Title

[2004/12/10]: Midnight Love: Soul Food Is Good For Your Stomach

[2004/12/09]: Grammy Nominations:

[2004/12/08]: More Naturally 7: They Bless This House

[2004/12/07]: Naturally 7: Live At AX: It’s The Art

[2004/12/06]: Golden Cups: The Cats From Honmoku, Yokohama

[2004/12/05]: Live Aid DVD: Teddy P’s Emotional Performance

[2004/12/04]: Harlem Gospel Choir From NY Live

[2004/12/03]: Diz Takes Me Back To The 50s

[2004/12/02]: Copyleft Saga Continues:

[2004/12/01]: Brother Ray Was Good At Gambling: