Monthly Archives: 2004/05

[2004/05/30]: Bits & Pieces: Piano & Songs On Hot Summer Night

[2004/05/29]: Chris Botti Live At DUO:

[2004/05/28]: Flaming Performance That I Wanted To Frame It: McCoy Tyner Live

[2004/05/27]: 木下航志君、テレビ・ドキュメンタリー、再放送

[]: N.E.R.D. Live At Zepp

[2004/05/26]: Big Boi Of Outkast Live: EWF Will Be Coming To Japan In September: Missy’s Miscalculation

[2004/05/25]: The Soul Of Guitar Live Will Be Held In June 3rd

[2004/05/24]: After Long Long Dull, Boring Moments, Star Of The Show Showed Up: Janet Jackson Performed “All Night” At MTV Award

[2004/05/23]: MTV Live 2004

[2004/05/22]: Kawaguchi Kyogo Sings “Sakura” At Fukamachi Jun’s Live

[2004/05/21]: Missy Elliott Live: Life Is Too Short, So Is Her Show

[2004/05/20]: Let’s Groove 2004, Live At Kokusai Forum: Don’t You Miss It Back In The Day?

[2004/05/19]: Harvey Mason Trio Or Dave Grusin Trio? Live At BN

[2004/05/18]: Suga Shikao Talks About English: And He Really Wants To Meet Prince, One Day

[2004/05/17]: Nile Rodgers Explosion! 

[2004/05/16]: Every Seat Is Good Seat, Every Moment Has Good Tension, Every Song Has Its Own Colour

[2004/05/15]: Soul Of Tree, Tree Of Soul:  Furniture Of My Mind

[2004/05/14]: Miraculous Harmony, Harmony Of Footsteps: Lalah & Frank

[2004/05/13]: John Whitehead Shot Dead

[2004/05/12]: Statement: We Object To New Copyright Bill

[2004/05/11]: As If Two Hathaways As One: Lalah Hathaway & Frank McComb Live

[2004/05/10]: Prince Talks: “Musicology” For The True Funk Soliders

[2004/05/09]: Tribute To Jimi Hendrix

[2004/05/08]: Standing In The Shadows Of Motown : Story Of Unsung Heroes

[2004/05/07]: His Love For New Orleans Appeared On His Live Show

[2004/05/06]: Motown, Motown, Motown: ”To Be Loved” Would Be TV Mini-Series

[2004/05/05]: Once In A Life Time Melody: Joe Sample Live At Blue Note

[2004/05/04]: American Pie Saga Continues:

[2004/05/03]: 8 Minutes 30 Seconds of American Pie: The Day The Music Born

[2004/05/02]: 今日(5月2日)午後7時から東京FMで特番

[]: Movie “Drumline”: Another Field Of Dreams

[2004/05/01]: Kill Bill Vol.2: Chain Reaction Of Hate