Monthly Archives: 2004/03

[2004/03/30]: Thin Line Between Caress And Whip: Michel Camilo Live

[2004/03/29]: Motown: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

[2004/03/28]: The Funk Brothers’ Album Released

[2004/03/27]: Missy Elliot Will Hit First Japan Tour In May

[2004/03/26]: 『ソウルブレンズ』、28日放送分はモータウン、ディスコ特集

[]: Johnny Bristol Dies At 65: A Winner or Loser? Valuable One

[2004/03/25]: Nodesha Live At O East

[2004/03/24]: Michel Camilo Will Play With Orchestra

[2004/03/23]: OutKast Leads 18th Soul Train Award Winners

[2004/03/22]: Papa Grows Funk Will Hit The Stage On Tuesday

[]: Johnny Bristol Dies At 65(速報)

[]: New York State Of Mind Grabs The Heart Of Soul Searcher

[2004/03/21]: Edmund Sylvers Of The Sylvers Dies At 47

[2004/03/20]: Shanti Live At MoBius

[2004/03/19]: 「四谷二丁目宣伝部」(文化放送・土曜深夜2時30分~)にゲスト出演

[]: Docomo Shop, Visiting Grave, Mike Stern, Nuit, Brown Sugar: It Was A Long Day…

[2004/03/18]: 『ソウル・サーチン・トーキングVOL.2~A Tribute To Stevie Wonder: A Moment Of You, Me, & Piano』開催のおしらせ

[]: Golden Lady by Toku, Kurosawa, Sakai, & Matsumoto.

[2004/03/17]: Prince, Dells Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

[2004/03/16]: Toku’s New Album Opened With “Hello, It’s Me”

[2004/03/15]: Soul Searchin’ Talking Vol. 2 Will Be Held In April 22

[2004/03/14]: Power Of Internet: Visitors All The Way From Kyoto, Okinawa

[2004/03/13]: Robbie Dupree Live At Shibuya Duo

[2004/03/12]: Is It Tuesday Night Music Club or Daikanyama Music Club? It’s Freeform Jam Session

[2004/03/11]: Roy Ayers Live At Blue Note: Music Is My Lady, My Mistress

[2004/03/10]: David Bowie Live: Singer, Songwriter, Rock & Roller, & Actor

[2004/03/09]: Ani DiFranco Live At O-East: Studying Ani

[2004/03/08]: Gumbo’s Ear Vol.7 :

[2004/03/07]: Anita Baker Goes To Blue Note

[2004/03/06]: Rita Coolidge Live At Shibuya Duo: Typical Soul Songs Without Soulfulness

[2004/03/05]: The Reason Jody Never Sing Shalamar Songs: The Best Decision She Ever Made

[2004/03/04]: Jody Watley Live At Motion Blue: She Never Sung Any Shalamar Song

[2004/03/03]: Isley Brothers Day Two: Rock, Soul, Funk, All Happening Here

[2004/03/02]: Power Of Blood Brothers, Power Of Continuation: Isley Brothers Live At Bluenote