Chicago Police Apologize To Ice Cube











Edited By Jonathan Cohen. July 23, 2003, 3:00 PM ET

Chicago Police Apologize To Ice Cube

The Chicago Police Department apologized yesterday (July 22) for issuing a community alert that described a man suspected in a series of sexual assaults as resembling hip-hop artist and actor Ice Cube.

Police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted three women in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, a trendy area on the city’s North Side. A police alert released Sunday described the man as a black male in his mid-20s who “resembles the popular rap artist ‘Ice Cube.'”

The Chicago TV station owned and operated by CBS, WBBM-TV, subsequently broadcast one of Ice Cube’s videos when it reported the story Monday night.

“We acknowledged the information should not have been on the alert,” police spokesperson David Bayless said. “We took immediate corrective action. We apologize to Ice Cube for what was an honest mistake and came with no ill intent.” The community alert was reissued without a reference to Ice Cube.

Filming had begun Monday on “Barbershop 2,” a sequel to the popular movie starring the Compton, Calif., native, according to Ice Cube spokesperson Matt Labov. Cast members were watching as WBBM-TV broadcast the video.

“This is an unfortunate and hurtful situation for Ice Cube,” Labov said. “That his good name ever came up in association with the events currently taking place in Chicago’s Wicker Park area is damaging to Ice Cube as a father, husband and artist.” Both the police department and the TV station have since apologized, Labov said.

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