Monthly Archives: 2007/02

[2007/02/27]: 79th Academy: Oscar Goes To…

[2007/02/26]: Fukamachi Jun #74: Only 3 Parties To Go

[2007/02/25]: Stevie Wonder At Sendai: Show Dedicated To His Mother

[2007/02/24]: Drifters Live: Nice Oldies Show, Impressed By Bass Vocal

[2007/02/23]: Special Jam Night; Stevie Wonder’s Band: Music Is My Hobby

[2007/02/22]: 79th Academy Predictions

[2007/02/21]: Stevie Wonder In Nagoya: Sings “Lately” Finally

[2007/02/20]: Stevie Wonder Live: Secret Of His Live Performance

[2007/02/19]: Stevie Wonder: Day Two: “Because I Like It”

[2007/02/18]: Stevie Wonder Live: Yokozuna Of Musician

[2007/02/17]: Suzuki Momoko Live At Motion Blue

[2007/02/16]: Philip Woo & Friends @ Cha Cha House

[2007/02/15]: Kuwaman With Three Bicrees Live

[2007/02/14]: Talk About Prince Vol.5: “One Word, idiot!”

[2007/02/13]: 49th Grammy Roundup: One Word; “Dixiechicks”

[2007/02/12]: (確定版) 49th Grammy Award (Final)

[]: Grammy (Bulletin)

[]: James Brown’s “I Feel Good” Is Featuring On NHK-TV “Jukebox English Conversation”

[2007/02/11]: Prince Talk Event Vol.5 Will Be Held On Monday

[2007/02/10]: Soul Power Presents Soysoul With Jaye & Silky Live

[2007/02/09]: Corrine Bailey Rae Live At Garden Hall, Ebisu

[2007/02/08]: Ookanda Tomohiko & Friends Live:

[2007/02/07]: 49th Grammy Predicitions (Part 3)

[2007/02/06]: India.Arie Live: Was Filled With Airy India’s Air

[2007/02/05]: 49th Grammy Predicitions (Part 2)

[2007/02/04]: Funk Brother Joe Hunter Dies Quietly At 79

[2007/02/03]: 49th Grammy Predicitions (Part 1)

[2007/02/02]: Jazz Crusaders Live: Hey, Mister Bass Man, You Are So Funky

[2007/02/01]: Philip Trio With Glynis, Hankoya