Monthly Archives: 2006/03

[2006/03/30]: Amazing Austin Powers : Austin Peralta Live

[2006/03/29]: Real Blood Live At Blues ALley

[2006/03/28]: Kishita Kohshi Live At Yamano Jam Spot

[2006/03/27]: New Venue Named “Avenue” Would Be A Place For Session

[2006/03/26]: Drummers & Percussion Player’s Night: What A Rhythm

[2006/03/25]: The World’s Number One Rock ‘N Roll Band: Rolling Stones

[2006/03/24]: Kurosawa Kaoru Solo Live; Knowing Main Ingredients Of Group

[2006/03/23]: Rolling Stones Has Just Kicked Off Japan Leg Of Tour

[2006/03/22]: Movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”: Story Of Search

[2006/03/21]: Prince Talk Event Vol.3 (Part 2) : Mr. Anzai, Banzaii!!

[2006/03/20]: Prince Talk Event Vol.3 Report

[2006/03/19]: Takeo Live At “Soul Garden”

[2006/03/18]: Never Ending “Midnight Hour”: Their Souls Are Forever

[2006/03/17]: Soul Searchin Would Be Great Session

[2006/03/16]: Gats Birthday Live

[2006/03/15]: Prince Talk Event: Vol.3:

[2006/03/14]: 80s Dance Pop Summit

[2006/03/13]: OA Farewell Party

[2006/03/12]: Was This James Brown’s Final Japanese Tour?

[2006/03/11]: Soul Step & Soul Dance DVD Edition

[2006/03/10]: The Last Recording Of “Midnight Love” : Said No Goodbye

[2006/03/09]: Soul General Dropped By Soul Nuts

[2006/03/08]: Soul Searchin Has New Guest

[2006/03/07]: 78th Academy Award: “Oscar Goes To…”

[2006/03/06]: James Brown: ”I Love You, I Love You, And I Love Me”

[2006/03/05]: James Brown: After Technical Difficulties, Godfather Thanked For Engineers

[2006/03/04]: 78th Oscar Predictions

[2006/03/03]: Maru’s Live: “Ooh Ooh Song” To Her Own Show

[2006/03/02]: Brother Tom’s Two Minutes Became Impressive Two Hours

[2006/03/01]: En Vogue: Whatta Girl, Whatta Girl