Monthly Archives: 2004/09

[2004/09/29]: Musical “Big River” Portrays Huck & Jim’s Soul Searchin’

[2004/09/28]: Denise LaSalle Will Hit Japan Tour First In 24 Years

[2004/09/27]: Osaka Monaurail: Ain’t It Funky Now

[2004/09/26]: The Closer I Get To You: The Performance Of The Genius

[2004/09/25]: Why Does Roberta Flack Never Approve Her Duet Songs With Donny Hathaway?

[2004/09/24]: Kaleb’s Announcement: He Will Replace His Blank CD

[2004/09/23]: Soul Searchin’ Talking Vol. 3. : Donny Was Here, Tonight

[2004/09/22]: TKY Live At Sweet Basil: Fire On The Scene

[2004/09/21]: Asking Order For “Soul Searchin’” Book

[2004/09/20]: Kaleb Will Sing Donny’s Songs On Wednesday

[2004/09/19]: Joss Stone: New Album “Mind, Body & Soul” Just Came Out

[2004/09/18]: Sub-title To Soul Searchin

[2004/09/17]: SFKUaNK!! = Ska & Funk : Live At Motion Blue

[2004/09/16]: Soul Shaking Performance: Michel Camilo Live

[2004/09/15]: For The Record: Tyrone Davis Is Still Alive

[2004/09/14]: The Sound Of An Indian-Ink Drawing: Casandra Wilson Live At BN

[]: タイロン・デイヴィス死去は、誤報

[2004/09/13]: Donny Hathaway On Video:

[2004/09/12]: Coupons: The Sweetest Temptation

[2004/09/11]: JB Meets MGs: The Roots Live At Duo

[2004/09/10]: MACHIGAINAI: Ai Live At Ax

[2004/09/09]: Crazy Love: Van Morrison Songs Sung By Many Acts

[2004/09/08]: Fahrenheit 9/11: Objectivity Vs Subjectivity

[2004/09/07]: The Best Disco In Town Live: Live DVD

[2004/09/06]: Two Places At The Same Time: Budoukan Or Yokosuka

[2004/09/05]: After The Rain Has Gone: EWF Live At Budoukan

[2004/09/04]: Earth Wind & Fire: Set The Budokan On The Fire

[2004/09/03]: Porgy & Bess: The Gershwins’ Masterpiece

[2004/09/02]: After 13 Long Years, Back Where You Belong

[2004/09/01]: Pride Of Lifetime: To Sing With Brother Ray