Monthly Archives: 2004/04

[2004/04/29]: Gospel Is… Live

[2004/04/28]: Toku Hangover: Live At Sweet Basil

[2004/04/27]: Rainy Days & Mondays For Al Jarreau:

[2004/04/26]: What Does “Jama” Of “She’s A Bad Mama, Jama” Means:

[2004/04/25]: Soul Searchin’ Talking Saga Continues

[2004/04/24]: Summer Soft Made Frank McComb Cry A Month Ago

[2004/04/23]: Thanks For Joining Us: Soul Searchin’ Talking Vol.2

[2004/04/22]: Soul Searchin Talking Vol.2

[2004/04/21]: The Tugaru Live: Can Shamisen Make Groove?

[2004/04/20]: Terry Callier: A Troubadour

[2004/04/19]: Frank McComb’s “Song For You”

[2004/04/18]: Frank McComb Has Memories Of When He Was 2-Year-Old

[2004/04/17]: Standing In The Shadows Of Donny: Frank McComb, Day Two

[2004/04/16]: Frank McComb Live At Motion Blue: Music As Colorful Tapestry

[2004/04/15]: Usher Said He Is Philosopher Of R&B: Newest “Hardest Working Man In Show Business”

[2004/04/14]: The Blues Movie Project Will Be Released August

[2004/04/13]: King Singa Is Her New Name: Diana King Live

[2004/04/12]: Guts Pose Is Japanese-English

[2004/04/11]: Sheila E Live: “River God” Makes Her Tears

[2004/04/10]: Sheila E Live @ Duo: Heartbeat From Ancient Times

[2004/04/09]: Saya Live At JZ Brat

[2004/04/08]: El Negro & Robby Band Live At Blue Note: Sparkles At Crossroad

[2004/04/07]: Tribeca; New Jazz Restaurant At atre Shinagawa

[2004/04/06]: Stevie’s New Album Will Be “A Time 2 Love”

[2004/04/05]: Title Of The Programme Tells It All: It’s Call “Midnight Love”

[2004/04/04]: Ruben Studdard Reveals Secrets Of His Album Cover

[2004/04/03]: Soulive Has New Vocal, So Has New Dimension

[2004/04/02]: Marvin Would Be 65 Today If He’d Lived

[2004/04/01]: Ruben Studdard Live At Duo: Ruben, Piano & Guitar