Monthly Archives: 2004/02

[2004/02/28]: There’s A Dream After Fade-out: Willie Mitchell Revealed His Secrets Of Hi Sound

[2004/02/27]: Carl Anderson Dies At 58: The Most Memorable Interview I’ve Ever Done

[2004/02/26]: Carl Anderson Dies At 58 (速報)

[]: Everything’s Gonna Be Alright: Sweet Box’s Gonna Be OK

[2004/02/25]: A Drop Of Soul : Dianne Reeves Live At Blue Note

[2004/02/24]: 18th Soul Train Music Awards Nominations:

[2004/02/23]: King Britt Presents The Cosmic Lounge At Blue Note

[2004/02/22]: Roots Music Talk Event At Kenwood Show Room

[2004/02/21]: Soul Searchin’ Talking Vol.2 Will Coming Up Soon

[2004/02/20]: Three Guitarists Over A Mirage: Al Di Meola Live At Blue Note

[2004/02/19]: Doris Troy Died At Age 67

[2004/02/18]: The Closer Voice Get To Instrumental Or The Closer Instrumental Get To Voice, Something Wonderful Thing Would Happen

[2004/02/17]: Only The Strong Survive: The Soul Movie

[2004/02/16]: Second Coming Of Donny Hathaway? : Frank McComb Is Keep On Runnin’ Like Forrest Gump

[2004/02/15]: Booklet Of Motown Festival 1968: 36 Years Ago, There Was Discount For Group Of More Than Three

[2004/02/14]: Utada Hikaru Live At Budoukan: Japanese Are Proud Of You

[2004/02/13]: K-Ci & Jojo Are Half Of Jodeci, K-Ci Is Half Of K-Ci & Jojo: Live At Shibuya Duo

[2004/02/12]: Black Eyed Peas Live At Ebisu Garden Hall: Love Is There

[2004/02/11]: Another Side Of “Dance With My Father”

[2004/02/10]: 46th Grammy Roundup

[2004/02/09]: 46th Grammy Award: Final

[]: 46th Grammy Show Still Goes On(速報)

[]: Phillip Woo & Hank Nishiyama Live At Motion Blue

[2004/02/08]: Mikawaya Stands The Test Of Time And Pop & Mama Have Been Standing There For 52 Years

[2004/02/07]: Marvin’s “Stand By Me”

[2004/02/06]: Nona Gaye Will Sing National Anthem At NBA All Star, After 21 Years Her Father Sang It

[2004/02/05]: In A Class By Itself: Witnessed God’s Hands: Hank Jones Live At Blue Note

[2004/02/04]: Bobby McFerrin Live: The Master Of Voice

[2004/02/03]: 46th Grammy Predictions Part 2

[2004/02/02]: 46th Grammy Predictions: Part 1(General Field & R&B Field)

[2004/02/01]: The Soul Of The Piano Man (Woman): Fukamachi Jun Live At Art Cafe