Monthly Archives: 2003/10

[2003/10/30]: Jewels Are Hard To Find: Name Of Jewel Is Ahmad Jamal

[2003/10/29]: Magician Of Minimalism: Ahmad Jamal Speaks Language In The Name Of Music

[2003/10/28]: Real Blood: Real Live By Real Musician

[2003/10/27]: Ashanti’s Performance: Live or Mime?

[2003/10/26]: Feel ‘N’ Soul: Live & Direct

[2003/10/25]: Wailing Wall: The Song Took 32 Years To Reach Me

[2003/10/24]: Standing In The Shadows Of Motown: Motown’s Sparkle & Shadow

[2003/10/23]: Craig David Is In Red Zone: Live At Zepp

[2003/10/22]: Earth Wind & Fire’s Papersleeve CD

[2003/10/21]: I’m In A Koop Mood

[2003/10/20]: Michael Jackson’s New Single: Is This One More Chance For Michael?

[2003/10/19]: Sam Cooke/Legend: Sam Sings, Sam Talks, Sam Teaches

[2003/10/18]: Bambino’s Curse Brought New York Electrifying Victory

[2003/10/17]: Soul Train Site Starts

[2003/10/16]: Lonnie Liston Smith Live At Motion Blue: Cosmic Aura

[2003/10/15]: Kill Bill (Vol.1): Tarantino: The Best Director In Hip-Hop Way

[2003/10/14]: Moon River; Huckleberry Friend’s Song

[2003/10/13]: What Killed Radio Star? Who Made Music Consumer Goods?

[2003/10/12]: ソウルブレンズ、今日から時間拡大

[]: Sam Cooke: Live At The Copa, 5.1 Stereo Surround

[2003/10/11]: Chaka Kahn Live @ Budoukan: One & Only Voice Still Shines

[2003/10/10]: Reunion With Old Friends

[2003/10/09]: What Did 40 Year Old Wurlitzer See In Tokyo?

[2003/10/08]: Have You Seen J Wave Singing Tower?

[2003/10/07]: I Ate Chicken With James Brown (Part 2)

[2003/10/06]: I Ate Chicken With James Brown (Part 1)

[2003/10/05]: Stevie Wonder Will Come To Japan In December

[2003/10/04]: James Brown Live At Budoukan, Day 2: “A” Sign Song

[2003/10/03]: James Brown Live At Budoukan: Papa’s Got A Brand New Stick

[2003/10/02]: James Brown Live @ News Station: Show Me Your Foot

[2003/10/01]: I’m Your Servant Peabo Bryson Shook Hands With Every Audiences