Monthly Archives: 2003/09

[2003/09/29]: From Dome To Dome: 15 Year Old Emyli’s Ambitions.

[2003/09/28]: The Blues : Seven Directors Will Explore The Blues

[2003/09/27]: Robert Palmer Died At 54

[2003/09/26]: Foggy Day In Tokyo Town

[2003/09/25]: Grammy Will Be In LA Next Year

[2003/09/24]: Al Green Recorded New Album At Old Royal Studio With Old Microphone

[2003/09/23]: Tatsuro Sings Blues, Emyli Sings Soul: It Was A Blues & Soul Night

[2003/09/22]: Soul Synchronicity: R&B Connect With Jaco 

[2003/09/21]: How To Give Him/Her A Standing Ovation?

[2003/09/20]: Lyrics Belongs To Whom It Needs, Not To Whom Wrote It

[2003/09/19]: A Crescent Moon Behind Liz

[2003/09/18]: Time Reunion Will Be In 2006? : Jam & Lewis Say Never Say Never

[2003/09/17]: Get It While It’s Hot: New From Nodesha

[2003/09/16]: He’s Not 70 Years Old But 70 Years Young

[2003/09/15]: The Line between BB King And Bob Marley

[2003/09/14]: Bebu “Spring Rain” Silvetti Died At 59

[2003/09/13]: What Is At The Top Of Stairway: AI Live At Quattro

[2003/09/12]: Audio In Ebisu: Another Soul Bar

[2003/09/11]: Lowest Budget, Highest Quality: Real Blood Would Take You Back To The 70s

[2003/09/10]: Madonna & Missy: Nice Combination

[2003/09/09]: Ruben Studdard: A Star Is Born

[2003/09/08]: Answer Song

[2003/09/07]: Who’s Coming Out? I’m Coming Out

[2003/09/06]: Ichiro Fukuda Dies At 78

[2003/09/05]: Luther Live Album Due Next Month

[2003/09/04]: Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now: Disco Influence 2003

[2003/09/03]: One Hundred Ways: Very Special Song For A Singer And A Producer And More…

[2003/09/02]: My Prediction: Aretha’s New Album Will Be Her First Number One Pop Album

[2003/09/01]: Liz Wright Speaks: Music Speaks Herself