Edmund Sylvers Of The Sylvers Dies At 47



エドモンド・セオドーア・シルヴァーズは、1957年1月25日ヴァージニア州生まれ。メンフィスに本拠を移し、兄弟たちが一足先にR&Bヴォーカルグループ、シルヴァーズを結成しており、72年、彼が15歳の時にグループに参加。72年、MGM傘下プライド・レコードから『シルヴァーズ 1』でデビュー。シングルヒットとなった「フールズ・パラダイス」他でリードをとっている。当初は7人組だったか、兄弟が徐々に増え、一時期は9人組にまでなった。代表的なヒットは「ブギー・フィーヴァー」(75年)、「ホットライン」(76年)、「ハイスクール・ダンス」(77年)など。





Edmund Sylvers of ‘The Sylvers’ Dies at 47
(AP) March 15, 2004

LOS ANGELES   Edmund Sylvers, the lead singer on the songs “Boogie Fever” and “Wish That I Could Talk To You” for the 1972 funk-soul group The Sylvers, has died of lung cancer at age 47, his family said Monday.

The singer died March 11 at a hospital in Richmond, Va., after a 10-month illness, according to his niece, Tyava Sylvers. A funeral was scheduled Friday at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City.

He was 15 when he started singing with six other members of his family on their self-titled debut album in 1972 and his high tenor voice was the centerpiece of such songs as “Fool’s Paradise.”

From five albums, other Sylvers’ songs included “Cotton Candy,” “That’s What Love Is Made Of” and “High School Dance.” The group eventually grew to nine members and was sometimes compared to the more established musical family act The Jacksons, but The Sylvers’ fame did not last beyond the late 1970s.

Edmund made his solo debut in 1980 with the album “Have You Heard” and the single “That Burning Love.” His next solo project, “Take Me Over,” was recorded at Arista Records in the mid-1980s but never released.

Edmund is survived by 11 children, both parents, and eight brothers and sisters. One younger brother, Christopher Joseph Sylvers, died in 1985 at age 17.

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