Monthly Archives: 2007/07

[2007/07/30]: The Soul Searcher Will Be Appearing At “Gumbo’s Ear, Vol.12″

[2007/07/29]: Fukamachi Jun Keyboard Party #79: He’s Free At Last

[2007/07/28]: ”Live M” Will Be Shooting

[2007/07/27]: Kishita Kohshi Will Sing 3 Songs On NHK-FM “Soul Music”

[2007/07/26]: “Harlem Nights Vol.6″ At Landmark Tower: “I Don’t Repeat” Says Omar

[2007/07/25]: Ron Miller Dies At 74

[2007/07/24]: Andrea True Connection’s “More More More” Story

[2007/07/23]: “Fortunate Son” Is Book About Bush, Too

[2007/07/22]: Koko Taylor Live: Queen Of Blues & Shun Kikuta

[2007/07/21]: “Fortunate Son” Story (Part 2): “Die Hard 4.0″ Saga Continues 

[2007/07/20]: “Fortunate Son” Story (Part 1): “Die Hard 4.0″ Saga Continues 

[2007/07/19]: Hey, Hey, John McClane Never Dies: He’s Fortune One At The End

[2007/07/18]: Soul Power Pamphlet’s Proof Reading Is Done

[2007/07/17]: Janet Jackson Moves To Island Urban

[2007/07/16]: Carlos Kanno’s Tropical Jazz Orchestra

[2007/07/15]: Shanti Live At Motion Blue

[2007/07/14]: Ichiro’s Masterpiece

[2007/07/13]: “Live M!” Now Has Additional Date

[2007/07/12]: “Soul Power 2007″ Booklet Will Have Full Of Interview

[2007/07/11]: Dance★Man: First Album In Three Years

[2007/07/10]: Gatz [Gats] Will Be Background Chorus For Dreams Come True

[2007/07/09]: Marlene Live

[2007/07/08]: Bill Pinkney, Original Drifters Dies At 81

[2007/07/07]: “Jazz!!” Album Featuring Maru

[2007/07/06]: Starbucks Has Started Hear Music Label: Signed Paul McCartney

[2007/07/05]: Soul Of Piano: Fujiko Hemming Turned Grief Into Gold

[2007/07/04]: Sly & Family Stone Reunion: Hit The European Tour

[2007/07/03]: “Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Ole Oak Tree” Story

[2007/07/02]: Hank Medress Dies At 68: A Member Of The Tokens

[2007/07/01]: Fukamachi Jun: Another First Step With Confusion And Agony