Monthly Archives: 2004/10

[2004/10/30]: Fertile Ground: Fertile Musical Band From Baltimore

[2004/10/29]: Xross, New Club In Nishi-Azabu Opened

[2004/10/28]: Lightning In A Bottle: A Clap Or Standing Ovation For The Screen

[2004/10/27]: The Song Born On Halloween Day: “Star Dust”

[2004/10/26]: Stardust Memories: It’s Docu-entertainment

[2004/10/25]: Wolfman Jack Show: Wolfman Was True Radio Man

[2004/10/24]: Wolfman Jack Show: He’s Back

[2004/10/23]: 39th & Lennox Is Fictitious Place: Lennox Is Now Malcom X Blvd.

[2004/10/22]: Rod Stewart: The Great American Songbook Vol 3

[2004/10/21]: Quietness In The Middle Of Storm: Michael Franks Doesn’t Matter If Storm Is Coming

[2004/10/20]: You Don’t Know My Name: Alicia’s Call For Man

[2004/10/19]: Alicia Keys Live At Kokusai Forum: Button Is Passed To

[2004/10/18]: Marvin D Is Now Wolfman Jack!: His Impersonate Is Superb

[2004/10/17]: Hall & Oates: Their Kind Of Soul, Cover Album Of Soul Hits

[2004/10/16]: Life Is Carnival, Their Live Is Addictive: Wild Magnolias Live

[2004/10/15]: Pat Martino Live At Blue Note: He’s A Jazz Survivor

[2004/10/14]: Jukebox At The Basement Leads To The Road To DJ

[2004/10/13]: Coffee & Doo Wop

[2004/10/12]: Wolfman Jack Will Be On Tokyo’s Inter FM: He’s Back!

[2004/10/11]: Legendary DJ Wolfman Jack Was On KDAY

[2004/10/10]: After The Passage Of A Typhoon

[2004/10/09]: Joss Stone’s First Japan Tour Will Be In January: R&B Acts Will Be In Town For Upcoming Fourth Quater

[2004/10/08]: Mount Fuji On The Sunset: “Star Dust Story” Will Be 2 Hour Special Programme

[2004/10/07]: Naturally 7 Will Hit First Japan Tour

[2004/10/06]: Three Mask Mens In Minneapolis Studio:

[2004/10/05]: The Magic Of One Hand: Oscar Peterson Live

[2004/10/04]: Everyday People: Summer Of 69

[2004/10/03]: My Mother Loved It, I Loved It And My Son Loved It: The Song Have Been Loved By Three Generations

[2004/10/02]: If You Would Want To Learn Clear English, Go To Minneapolis:  

[2004/10/01]: Stars Pay Tribute To Late Genius Ray Charles: